Murderous 6ft 9in man-mountain prisoner on the run with female officer

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A towering killer has broken out of jail and run off with a prison officer, sparking an investigation into their relationship.

Murderer Casey Cole White escaped from behind bars at Florence in Alabama, US on Friday morning and neither he or assistant director of corrections, Vicky White have been seen since.

An award for information on their disappearance has been offered by the authorities who are looking into whether "something else was going on" between the pair who are unrelated.

The pair were thought to be on their way to a nearby courthouse on Friday but now the public are being warned it is probable that they are armed and dangerous.

US Marshal Marty Keely said on Monday: "We consider both of them dangerous and in all probability both of them are armed."

An arrest warrant has been issued by police for prison worker Ms White and anyone who can tip them off with where she is can expect to cash in a cool $10,000 (£8,000).

Despite the warrant for her arrest, the authorities previously issued a statement declaring Ms White "missing and endangered" having broken the rules of being alone with an inmate.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said they were also looking at earlier interactions between to "see if something else was going on" between the murderer and detention centre employee.

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Only the day before they went missing, Ms White handed in her notice for retirement according to Mr Singleton.

She also told her bosses that she was taking White for a mental health evaluation at the court, despite one not being in the diary.

The vehicle they were heading to court in was spotted later that same day on Friday parked up outside a shopping centre car park, yet no one realised they had been missing for about six hours.

The Sheriff told CNN on Monday: "If she did this willingly, and all indications are that she did.

"I guess we're trying to hold on to that last straw of hope that maybe for some reason she was threatened and did this under coercion… but absolutely you'd feel betrayed."

He had previously said there is danger "whatever the circumstances", due to the inmate, who was in jail for capital murder and had "nothing to lose".

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Attempts for contact Ms White over the phone have reportedly just been going to voicemail.

White, 38, was jailed on a capital murder charge in 2020 for stabbing someone to death in 2015 as well as other crimes committed.

The public have been told to steer clear of "dangerous" White who stands at 6ft 9in and weighs around 18st 8lb.

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