Mum left ‘appalled’ after sitting on hospital floor with sick son for six hours

A mum claims she was forced to sit on a hospital floor with her sick son for six hours.

Kathryn Rowley, 41, was sent to Stepping Hill Hospital’s A&E department after taking her four-year-old son Ben to see his GP.

Although Ben had been vaccinated against measles, the doctor sent him for tests after the boy developed a worrying rash on his skin.

Kathryn said the hospital visit last month, left her “utterly appalled”.

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Following the story of four-year-old Jack Williment, who was forced to lie on a hospital floor in Leeds, Kathryn said she wanted to share her story to show the reality of the NHS today.

She said: “We were sent to paediatrics but all the chairs were being used so we just had to sit on the floor.

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“The GP had isolated us at the surgery but at the hospital we were just sitting with all the other sick babies and children and for all they knew, he could have been contagious.

“To just be left for hours on end in a stuffy, tiny waiting room is appalling. The only time we got up was to have an initial check done with the triage nurse and the we were just left.

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“Nobody seemed to be moving, only two of the cubicles were being used and I only saw three paediatricians in the whole time we were there.”

The mum, from Reddish, Manchester, said that despite Ben’s worsening condition, medical staff would walk past and ignore the poorly child.

Staff told her the delays were due to overcrowding, but Karen said the same families were present throughout the waiting time.

After six hours spent on the floor, the mum and son were moved to X-Ray where the delays were even worse.

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She added: “In front of me in the queue was a lady, I’d say in her 70s, at the reception desk. She said ‘I’m here for a scan.’ The woman behind the desk said ‘well, what kind of scan?’

“The poor shattered lady replied ‘I have been here waiting by myself for 22 hours and to be honest I don’t have a clue anymore.

“I was beside myself with worry and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. This is the reality of our NHS and people need to see it for what it is.”

Ben was discharged a few hours later around 5:30pm with medication to treat roseola, a viral illness which causes symptoms of high fever and skin rashes.

Stepping Hill Hospital have received Kathryn’s complaint, but said: “We can’t comment on an investigation as it will take time to look into the complaint.”

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Chief executive of Stockport NHS Foundation Trust said: “I’d like to apologise to local people who have experienced long waits in our A&E department and any family, friends, and carers who attended with them.

“This experience is not what want for our patients.

“We always prioritise our most urgent cases, and when patients who need to be admitted to hospital are described as ‘waiting’ in the A&E department they are still receiving the safe care and necessary treatment that they need.

“Our staff work tirelessly in very busy conditions to ensure that the people who need our support receive good quality care.”

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