Moment giant fairground ride snaps mid-air, trapping injured children

Moment a giant pendulum fairground ride snaps mid-air before crashing to the ground upside down with injured children trapped in their seats in Turkey

  • Spinning theme park ride breaks off its hinge while swinging back and forth
  • Riders hurt and stunned after being thrown upside down onto concrete ground
  • Luckily none were killed but three children were taken to hospital with injuries

This is the appalling moment a swinging fairground ride snapped and went flying in a Turkey theme park, locking hurt children in their seats.

The innocent riders were spotted smiling and holding onto metal bars as the ride at Ataturk Park in Antalya, south-west Turkey got going on a sunny day this weekend.

But horror footage shows that just moments after it set off, the attraction broke in half.

Images showed the firefighters free the children from their restraints and take them to hospital

Children were heard screaming in panic and terrified parents and other grown-ups rushed over to attend to the kids.

Firefighters were needed to break the injured riders out of their restraints.

No children were killed in the accident, but three were swiftly hospitalised with injuries.

The ride unfortunately fell upside down, injuring the kids and trapping them beneath the metal

They were named as 11-year-olds Mete Atik, Yakip Bilal Salarvan, and Bugra Yagiz Koyun.

Bugra told local media: ‘While we were swinging, a cable or something broke. 

‘The ride flew through the air and landed upside down. 

‘I hit my head and I also have bruising on my foot.’

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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The swinging pendulum ride in southern Turkey set off as normal – but quickly went awry

Parents and other onlookers were seen rushing to the attraction riders’ attention swiftly

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