Millionaire dad lives off-grid life on his private island and bin-dives for food

An aristocratic property millionaire has revealed how he gave up a life of luxury to live off-grid on his own private island.

Roc Sandford, originally from London, now lives on the remote island of Gometra, just off the north west coast of Scotland. He bought Gometra for just £600,000 in 1992.

He’s committed to the eco lifestyle and refuses to heat his 160-year-old island home, or even give his kids Christmas presents – giving them bits of found bric-a-brac wrapped in newspaper instead.

On tonight's episode of Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, he shows the Strictly star around his home: “It doesn’t have central heating so it can get very cold in the winter and my tea froze the other day, so I was very excited about that,” he says.

“Typically it's about 2ºC in my bedroom," he added. But, he says "it’s a lovely place, I love it, I’m very happy here.”

Roc, a relative of the super-rich Rothschild banking family, says that while he misses the convenience of having a washing machine, he manages perfectly well

Roc doesn’t even buy food if he can help it, saying he’s found plenty of perfectly edible stuff in bins: “I’m very happy to go freegan if something’s chucked out after someone’s closing their shop or something,” he told The Sun.

“A lot of lovely stuff is chucked out, like peppers or bananas.”

The eco-warrior grows most of his own food though, and his vegan diet includes plenty of home-grown Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, squashes and salad crops.

He also keeps a flock of some 300 sheep on his Hebridean island, and hopes to make the island completely self-sustaining and carbon neutral in the next four years.

Roc is a fervent supporter of Extinction Rebellion and he’s passed those eco values on to his kids.

His daughter Blue was described as The British Greta Thunberg by The Times although she’s not keen on the comparison, saying “I don't like it, it's making it about individuals rather than the movement.

“It's not about Greta Thunberg, it's about climate change.”

Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over sees the award-winning documentary maker spend a weekend with a range of extraordinary British families. It’s on the W Channel (Virgin 125, BT 311, Sky 109) on Wednesday, May 18, at 9pm.

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