Millionaire chef Salt Bae posts emotional reunion vid with his mum but trolls slam him for not buying her new home

MILLIONAIRE chef Salt Bae has posted an emotional video with his mum – but cruel trolls were quick to blast him for not buying her a new house.

The salt-sprinkling chef shared a clip of him reuniting with his mum after Covid kept them apart for two years.

In the video, Salt Bae – whose real name is Nusret Gökçe  – is seen wearing sunglasses indoors as he hugs his mum, before the pair sit down for a chat.

Trolls were quick to criticise the restauranteur over the clip, with one viewer urging Salt Bae to "buy her a new house" because he has "all this money".

Nusret now has 28 eye-wateringly expensive restaurants to his name.

His London restaurant – which has proved popular with celebs – charges a shocking £850 for his tomahawk steak coated in 24-carat-gold.

Nusret's net worth is said to be around £44million.

One furious comment read: "You have so much money. How come your mother is not living in a mansion?"

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Another commented on the time they spent apart, adding: "After two years? Why?

"And why don't you buy a better house for your parents. You are wealthy now!"

Others honed in on Nusret's decision to wear dark sunglasses indoors.

One raging Instagram user said: "Take off your f****** glasses in front of mum." 

Someone else added: "Take your glasses off. Button up that shirt. You've got so much money.

"Visit your mum every month. Shame."

But loyal Salt Bae fans rushed to the chef's defence – praising him for sharing the "loving" reunion clip with the world.

Nusret grew up in a small, poverty-stricken suburb east of Istanbul.

The son of a miner, Nusret – one of five children – was taken out of school after primary due to financial pressures, forcing the budding chef to work from a young age.

At 13 he was taken on as a butcher’s apprentice, working long hours in Turkish steakhouses for the next decade.

In 2010, at the age of 27, Nusret opened the first Nusr-et steakhouse in the Etiler neighborhood of Istanbul with just eight tables and 10 employees.

After meeting Turkish businessman Ferit Sahenk – who was so impressed with his meal at the restaurant he offered to invest – Nusr-et opened various locations in the Middle East including Ankara, Doha and Dubai.

Nusret shot to global stardom almost overnight in January 2017 after posting a 36-second video called "Ottoman Steak" on Instagram.

The clip shows him slicing a boned steak then performing his trademark salt sprinkle – with his hand shaped “like a cobra” while rock salt bounced off his arm onto the meat.

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