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A public school system in Michigan spent 21 days teaching adults in the district how to be good “equity” allies, capped with a direct call for them to join a Black Lives Matter political protest.

Farmington Public Schools in Michigan released a “21 Day Equity Challenge” for interested parties in the district, aiming to help individuals “learn how to more effectively understand and celebrate our differences”

“Our Mission Statement is ‘Farmington Public Schools, together with our community, will engage every student in a quality experience, empowering each student to become a thoughtful, contributing citizen in a changing world,’” the school district wrote. “With this in mind, we, together with you, hope to deepen our understanding about the members of our community and to use this knowledge to confront bigotry, hatred, and discrimination against any individual or group.”

On the final day of the challenge, the calendar offered a “personal action plan sheet” for students to track their progress on the issue from an individual perspective. Directives given on the sheet include suggestions, such as to “donate to causes that support the Black LGBTQ+ community,” “join a Black Lives Matter or an affiliated protest” and “donate to bail efforts supporting people arrested for protesting against injustice.” 

Previous days of the calendar were similarly progressive, including offering white privilege checklists, lessons on the gender spectrum and the “microaggressions” of meritocracy.

Day 18 of the “equity challenge” includes a link to a list of “microaggressions” to avoid, such as calling America “the land of opportunity.” 

The calendar, which was first flagged by the conservative Young America’s Foundation, was not assigned to students, and participation was not required by the district. 

“These activities are completely optional, and you may participate in as many or as few of the activities as you would like. The challenges will remain available throughout the month of December if you would like to participate, but need additional time,” the website states.

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