Message from a pregnant wife after her husband was mauled by a shark

Read the heartbreaking message from a pregnant wife after her beloved husband was mauled to death by a shark – as brave rescuers reveal how they desperately fought to save his life

  • Father-to-be Tim Thompson tragically died in a shark attack on Sunday 
  • He was surfing in water off Shelly Beach, Coffs Harbour 
  • There have been six shark attacks in NSW in 2021 with two of them deadly 
  • Fellow surfers and paramedics valiantly tried to save Mr Thompsons life  

Tim Thompson (pictured) was killed in a shark attack off Coffs Harbour on Sunday 

The pregnant wife of a surfer who died after being mauled by a shark has written a touching tribute to the love of her life.

Newlywed Tim Thompson was surfing off Shelly Beach in Coffs Harbour on Sunday morning when he was mauled by the shark, with fellow surfers rushing to help him onto the beach and administer first aid. 

‘To say I’m heartbroken would be an understatement. I’m just waiting for someone to tell me this isn’t real,’ his wife Katie wrote on Facebook on Monday. 

‘My heart aches for our baby who will never get to meet you. You would of been the best daddy,’ she wrote. 

‘The last thing Tim said to me before he walked out that door for the last time was ‘I love you two’. He kissed me and my tummy goodbye.’. 

Friends described Mr Thompson as ‘generous and lovable’ and said he ‘loved the ocean and surfing’ (pictured with his wife Katie)

Mr Thompson had married Katie (pictured) in March this year and their first baby is due in January

The pair moved back to Coffs Harbour three years ago and got married six months ago, with their first baby due in January. 

‘Never in a million years did I think I would be doing life without you. Life can be tragic and unfair, but I take some comfort knowing how loved Tim was by everyone,’ Ms Thompson wrote. 

‘The time we did have together was amazing and full of adventures. I am incredibly blessed that we met and our love story gets to live on with our baby.’ 

She also thanked people who had reached out to show their support and especially the ‘brave’ group of fellow surfers who did what they could to try and save Tim’s life. 

Hugh Riley who was 20 metres away in the surf when the shark attacked said it was a ‘harrowing’ experince. 

Fellow surfers and paramedics (pictured) helped Mr Thompson up onto the beach and performed CPR but his injuries were too significant 

Ms Thompson thanked the group of ‘brave’ surfers who tried to save her husband’s life

‘I saw the cloud of blood and him hanging onto his board trying to get himself to shore. He had some pretty horrendous injuries,’ Mr Riley told 9 News. 

‘We pulled him up the beach, put a tourniquet on his arm just did everything we could that we knew of. Fight or flight and we all fought,’ he said. 

He described the surfer as drifting in and out of consciousness with lacerations on his back and his entire right arm missing from below the shoulder. 

Him and his mates pulled Mr Thomspon up the beach and performed CPR on him for 10 minutes until ambulance officers arrived.  

‘We stopped the CPR and they jumped on the defib just trying to keep this beautiful soul alive,’ another of the group Aaron Armstrong said. 

On Monday lifeguards scoured the water for any sign of the shark thought to be a great white but could only find tuna and schools of baitfish. 

Ketie and Tim Thompson (pictured) had moved back to the Coffs Harbour area three years ago

Hugh Riley (pictured) was 20 metres away in the surf and helped Mr Thompson to shore

Ambulance officer Greg Hackworth said he only knew of one other fatal shark attack in the Coffs Harbour area on record. 

Ms Thomspon said Tim would always donate to the Westpac rescue helicopter and say ‘I hope I never need you’. 

‘Well, turns out he did need you and you were there. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how grateful I am that you all tried your best for him,’ Ms Thompson wrote. 

A GoFundMe page has been setup to support the mother-to-be which describes MR Thompson as a ‘generous and lovable man who loved the ocean and surfing but most of all his family.’ 

There have been six shark attacks at NSW beaches this year with two proving deadly. 

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