Man rates girlfriend ‘4 out of 10’ before turning to see her stood behind him

A man was made to pay for describing his girlfriend as a "four out of ten" and a "quick beat" in cringeworthy footage.

TikTok user @rafreacts3, real name Raphael Aghahan, shared a video of the awkward encounter on TikTok where it has since been viewed over 400,000 times.

Putting a lad on the spot at Trafalgar Square, London, Raphael showed him a snap of a model before quizzing him about his own relationship.

Little did he know that he was putting his foot in it big time as his girlfriend listened in to the conversation.

The unsuspecting boyfriend instantly rated an Instagram model 10/10 when asked by the presenter, whose social media channels are of him stopping strangers on the street.

Apparently, the woman pictured was also "wifey material".

However, when commenting on his own partner, he said: "It has to be like a four out of 10."

All the while she was listening in, the young man dismissed their relationship as being anything serious.

Instead he said: "Yeah, it's just a quick beat and that's it."

Raphael appeared to be stunned by his comments as he could see the man's girlfriend looking on, fuming.

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He said: "This guy is rude. What would you do if I told you your girlfriend is right behind you?"

In disbelief, the man replied: "No way."

The clip ends the very moment his alleged raging girlfriend storms in front of him and reaches to give him a mighty whack around the head.

Comments on the video blasted the unnamed lad.

One viewer issued advice for anyone asked to rate their other half, they said: "Remember girlfriend is 10/10."

Another could not get enough of the woman's reaction, they wrote: "She ain't putting up with no s***!! That makes her a 10."

"He is like a 0/10 lucky she even gave him the time of day, no respect… what I wanna know is if the man asking the q is single (sic)," a third commented.

Someone simply added: "She can do better."

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