Male sex robot with futuristic AI mimics creator’s actions in incredible footage

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A sex robot has been recorded copying its creator in a bizarre look into the future of artificial intelligence.

Talking male robot Henry, created by US company RealDoll, was filmed blinking, smiling and even twisting his head in a natural demeanour while chatting away

Company representative Brick Dollbanger uploaded footage of the conversation between the robot and RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen.

Mr McMullen can be heard saying: "He's doing everything I do."

Brick asks: "No way. That's wild. So he's mirroring what you're doing?"

With the men out of shot, viewers could not judge the accuracy of Henry's mimicking skills themselves, but it acts as a teaser of what is to come from manufacturers RealDoll.

Fans were wowed by the latest clip of Henry who hilariously calls Brick a "buzzkill" when told he will be turned off.

Another spontaneous line of Henry's caught on camera was: "I'm glad you know you can count on me through the good and bad moments."

One Instagram user commented: "Absolutely beautiful, I NEED a Henry in my life!!"

"I want one," another wrote.

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The advanced technology did it for a third sex robot fan who said: "So powerful."

A previous video shared by Brick Dollbanger revealed RealDoll's new dolls will soon be able to be programmed to be straight or gay, a renowned creator has claimed.

Buyers will be able to set their "sexual preference" prior to shipping, according to Mr McMullen.

In a video posted on Instagram, Matt explained the firm was working on new AI technology that would give their machines a new dimension when it comes to lovemaking.

RealDoll, based in San Marcos, California, the US, has offered a peek at its production process, sharing a photo from its futuristic factory.

In a snap of the workshop, a member of staff stands next to one of the male dolls as others hang naked on hooks.

It was uploaded with the caption: “What part of production would you like to see more of? The Real C***s? More of what goes into the dolls?”

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