Macron, Scholz and Draghi caught on camera moaning about who had better room to Ukraine

EU leaders caught comparing room sizes on train to Kyiv

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The video footage of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi shows them joking about who had the better room.

The three EU Leaders were on their way to Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky for an update on the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Scholz and Mr Draghhi went back and forth over who had the bigger room, comparing the sizes with the main cabin on the train.

During their trip to Ukraine, they offered more solidarity to Mr Zelesnky and vowed to keep supplying the country with more weapons in order to fend off the Russian force’s advancement.

TalkTV presenter Tom Newton Dunn said: “The leaders of the EU’s three biggest powers were in Kyiv yesterday.

“It was a long train journey to get there from Poland, so how did they spend that time?

“Well, they were caught on camera having a good moan about who had the better room, have a look at this.”

Mr Scholz said: “Is your room similar?”

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Mr Draghi added: “It’s not like this.”

Mr Scholz said: “Mine is of the same size, but it’s completely different furniture.”

Mr Draghi said: “Much less luxurious than mine, mine was basic, it only has a room that’s so… On the other hand the President of the Union.”

Mr Newton Dunn added: “Mario Draghi there on the left, who of course is Prime Minister of Italy, probably looking the most peeved about who have which rooms, and who would have thought it, our leading politicians are just as petty as the rest of us.

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Despite the EU leaders having light-hearted chats about their rooms with each other, they were on their way to meet with Mr Zelensky in order to have a serious discussion about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Zelensky made a direct plea to the citizens of Russia, pointing out that “history will remember who looked the other way”.

Mr Zelensky speaking in Russian, added: “Your President stands accused of committing war crimes. But I cannot believe he’s acting in your name.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended the meeting in Ukraine and vowed to offer more support to the military.

Mr Johnson said: “We will continue, as we have from the beginning, to provide the military equipment, the training that may be necessary to go with that new equipment, so that you – the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian Armed Forces, will be able to do what I believe Ukrainians yearn to do and that is to expel the aggressor from Ukraine.

“And that will be the moment for talks about the future.

“And it will be in that context of a free Ukraine that we and other countries will be making the security commitments and guarantees that we’ve discussed so often.

“And we will work together with you and with our partners to rebuild your wonderful country for the benefit of Ukrainians and I might say, for the benefit of the whole of the global economy.”

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