Kim Jong-un disappears from the public eye AGAIN amid fears he’s preparing to test Biden with missile test barrage

KIM Jong-un has disappeared again from the public eye amid fears he is plotting to test the mettle of America’s president-elect by launching a missile test barrage. 

The North Korean dictator has reportedly been missing for 20 days straight when he should be gearing up for the all important Party Congress and as the US votes in a new president who has vowed to militarily back the South. 

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Mystery has surrounded why Kim keeps disappearing and reappearing from the public eye on numerous occasions since April.

But it comes as it is claimed the North Korean tyrant  —who once called the President-elect a "rabid dog"  — could be plotting provocative missile tests to test. 

Only today Biden signalled how he would precede as president when he phoned South Korea's Moon Jae-In.

Moon's spokesman Kang Min-seok said: "President-elect Biden said he would closely cooperate to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue."

He said Biden reaffirmed the US commitment to defend the South, highlighting the Asian ally as a "lynch-pin of the security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region".

Evans Revere, of the Council on Foreign Relations told "It is possible Pyongyang will conduct a nuclear or long-range missile test prior to the inauguration or shortly thereafter.

"The Biden team will be mindful of the failings of Trump’s approach, which has amounted to turning a blind eye to North Korea’s steady accumulation of nuclear weapons and testing of medium-range missiles."

Kim has a history of trying his luck with new presidents and reports from the region say he was "very unhappy" Trump, whom he had built a relationship of sorts, has been toppled.

Other experts also believe Kim may soon be up to his old tricks once more — and his latest disappearance can only deepen the fears he is plotting something.

Speculation about the health of the 36-year-old after he went missing in April for weeks having failed to mark the birthday of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and the founder of the country.

However, on May 1 he made a public appearance alongside his sister Kim Yo-jong, who had been tipped to succeed him.

On  May 24 Kim reappeared after another three-week absence to discuss putting his nuclear forces on "high alert" amid speculation about his health.

He then vanished and was not seen for more than three weeks when he appeared in a photograph at a memorial place where the body of his grandfather and North Korea founder is entombed 

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