Jaw-dropping pics show world’s most muscular shark with ‘SIX PACK’ leap through the water and smash into divers’ cage

INCREDIBLE pictures show the world's most muscular shark with what appears to be a SIX PACK cruising through the sea and smashing into a diver's cage.

The huge great white shark – which weighs a scale-busting 3,000 pounds – was caught on camera flaunting ripped abs even the likes of Chris Hemsworth would be jealous of in waters off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

One jaw-dropping snap shows the curious beast investigating a diver's cage, sticking its nose between the bars to get a better look.

In another, the muscly creature is prowling on the lookout for lunch, with its eyes fixated on a shoal of fish passing in front of it.

The enormous creature can also be seen shooting towards the surface baring its razor-sharp teeth – and a midriff that would put most to shame.

The stunning snaps were taken by photographer Rodney Bursiel, who captured the images on various trips to Guadalupe Island, using a Nikon D850 camera in an Ikelite housing.

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“Being in the water with great white sharks is quite the opposite of what people would think,” he said.

“It’s actually quite calming to be face-to-face with such magnificent creatures.

“Most people’s fear of sharks is unfounded.

"They are very misunderstood species and a very important base to have in our ecosystem.”

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Meanwhile, drone footage caught the moment that three paddleboarders floated obliviously over a MASSIVE hammerhead shark swimming just inches below them.

The unbelievable aerial-view video shows a hammerhead shark hunting for prey underneath three unsuspecting people on two paddleboards in Palm Beach, Florida.

And terrifying pictures show the moment a giant great white shark tries to smash through a divers' cage.

The jaw-dropping moment was captured by brave underwater photographer Euan Rannachan who had been visiting the shark-infested waters of Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico.

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The stomach-churning images show a menacing 15-foot-long great white launching itself at two divers in a cage underwater.

In another scary snap, a shark emerged from the water with its mouth wide open in what looks like a sinister grin.

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