It's time to treat the public like adults and dial back the Covid restrictions

MORE than 100,000 kids went to school during lockdown. How many tested positive for Covid? One, with no symptoms.

How many of their schoolmates or family then got infected? None.

What, meanwhile, became of the second wave hysterically predicted when the pubs reopened? Or the shops, restaurants and cinemas? It didn’t come.

Positive tests have risen, but mainly because far more are now done. Deaths and hospitalisations remain very low.


It’s too early to judge the impact of our kids going back to class this week.

But if it as negligible as we expect, the Government must change gear.

Its continued restrictions, rapid lockdowns, quarantine rules and grave warnings look increasingly draconian and needlessly damaging to the economy and public confidence.

It is at once hyper-cautious, yet desperate for office staff to flood back to work.

Treat the public like adults. We know now how to minimise our already tiny chances of catching or spreading Covid.

The vast majority behave sensibly.

The Government must urgently let us get on with life and return to near-normality.

Level with us

EVER the optimist, Boris Johnson is playing down the chances of us leaving the EU with no trade deal. We’re not so confident.

But one thing we do know: We must be ready for it. What’s more, the PM should level with the public NOW, not once it’s too late, over what the sticking point is.

Of course we must insist on control of our own fishing waters. Of course we must be liberated from EU courts.

Is the right to give state aid to tech start-ups a hill to die on, as is reportedly the plan?

If that is the deal-breaker, let’s hear the PM make that case to a public which will bear the brunt of any short-term economic woes.

Boris says we will “prosper mightily” whatever. Long-term, he’ll be right.

But if there’s chaos immediately after a No Deal exit, voters will rightly want to understand why the deal hit the rocks.

Divide and rule

EVERYTHING the SNP does has one aim: To help tear Scotland away from Britain.

Every decision has that in mind. Every event, no matter how inconsequential, somehow “makes the case for independence even stronger”.

It’s an obsession, and the chief reason they govern so badly.

The pandemonium Nicola Sturgeon has now inflicted on Scottish holidaymakers with her quarantine rulings must be viewed through that lens.

Their main motivation wasn’t science. It was to drive a wedge between Tory policies and hers. The same goes for Wales’s Labour government.

Covid has provided endless ammunition in their war against Westminster.

Holidaymakers are just cannon fodder.

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