Incredible footage of mile-long queue for petrol station in South London as cars block junction and snake around streets

INCREDIBLE footage taken from a birdseye view shows the scale of Britain's fuel frenzy, as cars block a major junction and sit in a queue that snakes around the streets.

It is a scene that is becoming all too familiar across the country, as millions of petrol-starved motorists wait for fuel at struggling stations.

The desperation for fuel has reached fever pitch in recent days, with the government said to be considering sending the army in to help.

And the drone footage taken in South London serves as another reminder of the traffic consequences of the crisis.

The video, taken above a petrol station in West Norwood, shows the mile-long line of standstill traffic snarl-up in both directions, while causing chaos at the crossroads junction.

In the top right corner of the clip, a Texaco garage can be seen being mobbed by motorists who want to fill up.

The ensuing queues – that stretch out of view – cause other drivers to become stuck at the Crown Point crossroads amidst the fuel frenzy.

Buses were also seen stuck in the congestion and were forced to tell passengers to disembark.

Drone cameraman Colin Oladimeji, of Skyview London shot the footage on Sunday and said even he was shocked by the extent of the queues.

One local added: "And it’s bloody noisy too. Horns blaring most of the night and day as people force themselves into the queue and hold up all the main traffic.

"Hoping they run out by the time I get home and it’s quieter tonight."

"I just walked past there. Absolute madness," another said.

It comes after the Prime Minister was urged to "act now" as panic buying continues, seeing fights break out on forecourts and more than half of stations run out of fuel.


But the situation doesn't seem to be easing as millions returned back to work on Monday morning either – as mile-long queues for fuel snaked back up the A12 and M25.

Thousands of Brits have been forced to work from home today as queues began forming outside petrol stations from 5am.

TomTom traffic data revealing congestion is down today in all major cities.

Bizarrely, some motorists are reportedly chasing fuel trucks in a bid to keep their cars on the roads.

Now "several hundred soldiers" could be brought in to help drive fuel tankers to stations if Boris signs off on Operation Escalin today.

It comes as…

  • Petrol supplies have been plundered with industry figures revealing 85% of stations have run out of fuel
  • Brawls have broken out across forecourts – including dramatic scenes between moped drivers
  • Competition laws have been suspended in an attempt to curb panic buying
  • The UK’s second-biggest oil refinery faces collapse over a £223million VAT payment
  • An ambulance crashed into traffic waiting for petrol while rushing to an emergency
  • Grant Shapps blamed hauliers for the chaotic scenes
  • A list of petrol stations with fuel can be seen here

Up to 90 per cent of all service stations outside of motorways are now dry as Brits raced to fill up their cars.

The government insists there's no fuel shortage. Top officials have de­fen­ded plans to ship in foreign drivers to get ­tankers moving.

But his plan to bring in 5,000 truckers from the continent on short-term visas are in disarray with many set to refuse to come over.

Competition laws were suspended by the business secretary on Saturday night, to help fuel suppliers co-operate with struggling stations so they can ensure replenishment.

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