‘I’m 100% that smart’: Teacher rewrites Lizzo song for her Grade 2 class

One California classroom received Lizzo‘s seal of approval after they remixed her hit song Truth Hurts.

DorothyHoney Mallari, a teacher at Los Medanos Elementary School in Pittsburg, Calif., near San Francisco, put pen to paper and rewrote the lyrics to motivate her Grade 2 students.

Mallari, 32, set up a camera to record her students singing the song. She herself gets up on the desks to dance, directing her students as they belt out the revamped lyrics to Lizzo’s music.

Lizzo fans will recognize that one of the singer’s most famous lyrics — “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100 per cent that b—h” — has been changed to something more age- and school-appropriate: “I just took an ELA test, turns out, I’m 100 per cent that smart.”

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