Husband convicted of manslaughter in death of Kat West

The husband of an Alabama cam-girl found bludgeoned to death was found guilty of reckless manslaughter in a trial that featured her mother testifying in his defense.

William Jeffrey West, 47, was convicted Friday night in the January 2018 death of his wife, Kathleen Dawn West, a stay-at-home mom who lived a double life as “Kitty Kat West” on an adult subscription-only website,” Birmingham station WBRC reported. He had pleaded not guilty and claimed she died after hitting her head in a drunken fall.

Her mother testified Friday on his behalf, stating that her daughter was a heavy drinker prone to antics once she was boozed up.

Prosecutors argued that the 42-year-old died from a blow to the head from a Lucid Absinthe bottle wielded by her husband, which was found near her partially clothed body. They said he killed her because of her heavy drinking and use of social media to promote her adult website. Both her blood and her husband’s fingerprints were on the bottle.

He was originally charged with murder. “While we continue to believe this was an intentional murder, we are pleased he is being brought to justice,” said Shelby County Assistant District Attorney Daniel McBrayer.


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