Firefighter dubbed ‘Bride of Beirut’ laid to rest in emotional funeral

A female firefighter dubbed the “Bride of Beirut” because she had planned to get married next June has been buried – as her fiancé posted a tribute saying, “You’re my life. You burned my heart,” according to a report.

Sahar Faris, 25, who had been one of 10 firefighters previously reported to be missing after Tuesday’s massive explosion in the Lebanese capital, was buried Thursday in her hometown of Qaa, the Daily Mail reported.

Among her fellow smoke-eaters from a rapid response team were three who were captured in a heartbreaking photo trying to break into a warehouse packed with 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate moments before it exploded.

The firefighters, who responded from the fire station in La Quarantaine in northeastern Beirut, were first on the scene, officials told the Daily Mail, adding that nine are still missing.

Faris’ fiancé, Gilbert Karaan, posted a moving tribute online.

“We were due to get married on 6th June 2021. You were preparing our house (and) buying furniture that you liked,” he wrote in Arabic, according to the news outlet.

“You got promoted too fast in your job, from a medic firefighter to a national martyr. Your wedding date will remain the same. Everything you wanted will be there, except me gazing at you in your white gown,” he continued.


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