Driver pulls knife during road rage altercation on Hamilton Mountain

Hamilton police are calling an incident on Saturday the product of “road rage” after two drivers confronted each other twice on the Mountain.

Investigators say officers got a call just after 5 p.m. about an incident near Mohawk Road East and Upper Wellington Street.

Police say a Toyota Rav4 and Honda Civic were travelling southbound on Upper Wellington when the Honda made a “driving action” that caused the Toyota to stop abruptly.

The drivers of both vehicles then got into a verbal confrontation right on the road outside of their vehicles while at an intersection with a red light.

After the two got back into their vehicles, the Rav 4 allegedly rammed the Honda from behind, causing the Civic to enter the intersection.

The Toyota then fled the scene with the Honda driver in pursuit.

The two met up again at Warren Avenue address where the Honda driver confronted the Rav4 driver, who in return approached him with a knife, say police.

The Honda driver fended off the Toyota driver using his snow brush to “shield” himself and push the knife away. The Civic driver left the area without injury and called the police.

Neither driver was injured, however, the Honda Civic did receive significant rear-end damage, according to investigators.

The Toyota driver, 24, was eventually located, arrested and now faces four charges including dangerous operation of a vehicle and assault with a weapon.

The Rav4 driver has since been released and is due to appear in court Feb. 24.

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