Depp v Heard juror says none of them believed her 'crocodile tears'

Johnny Depp defamation trial juror says NONE of them believed Amber Heard’s ‘crocodile tears’ and were ‘uncomfortable’ with how she stared at them in court

  • The male juror spoke anonymously to Good Morning America to dispel some of Heard’s post-trial claims
  • He insisted that none of the jurors looked at social media throughout the trial much less were influenced by it
  • He added that they were ‘uncomfortable’ with Heard’s emotional mood swings and how she ‘stared’ at them 
  • The jury felt Depp was more ‘real’ and ‘stable’, he said, while Heard was prone to ‘crocodile tears’ 
  • A turning point was when Heard admitted she did not donate her $7million divorce settlement  to charity 
  • The juror called that a ‘fiasco’ which contributed to the jury questioning her credibility on the stand
  • Heard has claimed it was a trial by social media in which her more popular ex-husband triumphed
  • She says she has always told the truth and is planning to appeal the jury’s verdict  

One of the jurors from the explosive Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial broke their silence on Thursday to slam Heard’s claims the jury was mesmerized by her famous ex and that the verdict was unfair, insisting that they followed the evidence and were ‘uncomfortable’ with her emotional outbursts.

The male juror spoke anonymously to Good Morning America to say that he and the other jurors were ‘uncomfortable’ with how Heard stared at them throughout the trial, and that they struggled to believe her when she went from ‘crying’ to being ‘ice cold’. 

He denied her claim that it was a trial by social media, revealing that three of the jurors do not have Facebook or Twitter. 

‘The crying, the facial expressions, the staring at the jury…all of us were very uncomfortable,’ the man, one of five on the jury, said. 

Heard has repeatedly suggested that Depp only won the trial because he is more famous and likeable than she is. 

However the juror on Thursday said they reached their verdict based on the evidence on the case. 

‘A lot of her story didn’t add up… the majority of the jury felt that she was the aggressor. The crying, the facial expressions that she had, the staring at the jury. All of us were very uncomfortable… she would answer one question and she would be crying and two seconds later she would turn ice cold…

‘Some of us used the expression “crocodile tears”, he said.

The anonymous male juror told Good Morning America on Thursday the jury did not believe Heard’s ‘crocodile tears’ and were all uncomfortable with how she kept staring at them throughout the trial. She is shown on the TODAY show yesterday (left) 

The juror anonymously broke his silence on Good Morning America on Thursday to say the pair both abused each other but that there was ‘no evidence’ to support what Heard claimed 

‘We followed the evidence,’ he said. He added that he personally did not believe Depp ever hit Heard. 

One of the turning points for the jury, he said, was Heard’s admission that she had not donated her $7million divorce settlement to charity, as she claimed she had publicly. 

He called it a ‘fiasco’ and added that while Depp’s legal team were ‘sharp’, Heard’s had ‘sharp elbows’ and came off as abrasive.

‘She goes on a talk show in the UK. ‘The video shows her sitting there telling the host she gave all that money away. 

The juror said they struggled to believe Heard, who went from ‘crying’ to being ‘ice cold’ in a matter of seconds. They added that they didn’t like how she ‘stared’ at them

‘And the terms she used in the video clip were “I gave it away”, “I donated it”, “it’s gone.” 

‘But the fact is she didn’t give much of it away at all,’ the juror said.

Heard said on the stand that she used the terms ‘pledged’ and ‘donated’ interchangeably. 

The juror added that he thinks both parties mistreated one another. 

‘A lot of the jury felt what he was saying, at the end of the day, was more believable. 

‘He just seemed a little more real in terms of how he was responding to questions. 

‘His emotional state was very stable throughout,’ the juror said. 

‘What I think is truthful is that they were abusive towards each other. 

‘I don’t think that makes either of them right or wrong, but to rise to the level of what she was claiming, there wasn’t enough evidence that really supported what she was saying.’

He added that social media did not play a part in the verdict, as Heard has claimed, and that he doesn’t even use it.

‘We followed the evidence. Myself and at least two other jurors don’t use  Twitter or Facebook. Others who had it made a point not to talk about it.’

The jury sided with Depp, ruling that Heard did defame him with her 2018 op-ed in The Washington Post in which she described herself as the victim of domestic abuse and violence. 

She was ordered to pay Depp $8million in damages after deductions, but now says she can’t afford it. 

The juror said Depp’s legal team including attorney Camille Vasquez (left) was ‘sharp’ whereas Amber’s team, led by attorney Elaine Bredehoft (right) had ‘sharp elbows’ and came off as abrasive 

Despite losing the trial, Heard continues to insist that she is telling the truth and always has been. 

Earlier this week, she appeared on TODAY to insist that Depp did beat her, but she said she still loves him. 

‘To my dying day, I will stand by every word of my testimony,’ she told Savannah Guthrie, adding that she ‘absolutely’ still loved the actor. 

‘I love him. I loved him with all my heart and I tried the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work. And I couldn’t. I have no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all. 

‘I know that might be hard to understand or it might be really easy to understand if you’ve ever loved anyone.’ 

Heard maintains that it was a trial by social media and that her ex-husband won because he is more popular than her. 

When grilled by Guthrie about audio clips that were played during the six-week trial in which the actress could be heard admitting to being physically abusive towards Depp, Heard insisted that she only ever ‘responded to [physical violence]’ but that she ‘never instigated it’. 

‘I never had to instigate it, I responded to it,’ she claimed. ‘When you’re living in violence and it becomes normal – as I testified to – you have to adapt.’

Heard added that, while she ‘has so much regret’ over the ‘horrible’ and ‘ugly’ things she did and said to Depp, she was only acting as a ‘person in extreme emotional, psychological, and physical distress’ who felt that their ‘life was at risk’. 

Fans were furious with Heard’s televised claims and said she ‘sunk to a new low’ by continuing to ‘lie’ about Depp.  

‘She’s sunk to a new low’: Heard faces FURIOUS backlash online for REPEATING abuse allegations against Depp in Today interview 


Twitter users unleashed a furious tirade on Amber Heard after she sat down for an explosive interview with the Today show in which she discussed the ‘unfair’ verdict in her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp, calling the interview ‘painful to watch’ and claiming that they’ve ‘heard enough of her sickening lies.’

During the shocking new interview, the actress insisted that she’s going to ‘stand by every word of her testimony until the day she dies,’ less than two weeks after she was found guilty of defaming her ex by claiming that he abused her during their marriage.

The 36-year-old blasted Depp, 59, as a ‘liar’ and reiterated her claims that he beat her during their marriage, while speaking to Today host Savannah Guthrie.

Now, the Aquaman star is facing fierce backlash from social media users – with one

accusing her of ‘acting’ throughout the appearance and another saying it made them ‘sick to their stomach’ to listen to her ‘bull s**t.’

‘I’ve heard enough of her sickening lies,’ one person wrote on Twitter after the interview aired.

‘She is such a liar that is just painful to watch,’ added another, while someone else said, ‘And the Oscar goes to…’

A fourth tweet read, ‘Contrived performance yet again.’

Other viewers tweeted, ‘She needs professional help,’ and, ‘What a sad human being.’

‘I’m sick of listening to her BS. Listening to her made me sick to my stomach. She contradicts herself constantly. her 15 minutes of fame is over,’ wrote a different Twitter user.

Another person slammed the Today show for ‘enabling an abuser,’ while someone else said the network has ‘sunk to a new low,’ and a third bashed them for ‘giving credit to a manipulative piece of s**t like Heard.’

‘Nobody believes her Savannah. Give it up and stop interviewing abusers,’ responded one disgruntled Twitter user.


‘Shame on you. Women do tell lies, they are not always truthful, and this witch got caught. Her reputation is done.’

Another wrote, ‘Quit enabling this abuser and stop giving her air time. She said she wanted to move on, so why is she not?’

‘Nice to see news [organizations] still giving credit to a manipulative piece of s**t like Amber Heard,’ agreed someone else.

‘If this trial had gone the other way, no chance in Hell we’d see any news org even touch Johnny Depp. But that’s the news nowadays – needs viewers, clicks, and money.’ 

‘As if she was not given a chance to prove her side in the court?’ asked a different user. ‘Now NBC has given [her] that opportunity? I hate [NBC] to the core.’

‘So sad. The Today show has sunk to a new low,’ read another tweet.

‘Enough already – these two celebrities have gotten more court time and TV time than important things. Stop covering this toxic slurry relationship… Please!’ begged a different person.

‘She’s a liar. Why would she be given a platform to continue to lie?’ tweeted one viewer, while another called it a ‘total waste of broadcast time.’

‘NBC gives domestic abusers the spotlight. Shame on NBC,’ wrote another user.

Someone else said, ‘Interview the abuser and promote her lies, meanwhile, ignore the victim.’

‘Why the Hell are you seriously allowing this abuser a platform? It’s shameful, it really is. Stop enabling her,’ read a different tweet.

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