Dad who found 'CONDOM' in Co-op redcurrant jelly slams supermarket for 'insulting' £20 apology voucher

AN outraged dad has told of his disgust after finding what appeared to be a condom in a jar of redcurrant jelly from the Co-op.

Troy Hawkins, 51, from Raunds, near Northampton, Northants, made the stomach-churning discovery as his family was preparing for Christmas.

The Highways England Operative told The Sun Online: “I bought it on December 23, just before Christmas, and my partner was preparing all the stuffing and that for Christmas Day.”

But upon cracking open the jar to have with their Turkey, the family were shocked to find what looked like a used rubbery contraceptive set in the jelly.

Troy said he immediately called the Co-op’s customer line and sent them pictures of the surprise ingredient in his festive condiment.

He then took it back to the local store where he made the regrettable purchase after customer service agents asked him to hand it back so it could be “analysed”.

The dad-of-two said: “I live in a little town where everyone knows each other and everybody in the store when I took it in was staring and saying it was disgusting.”

After several weeks, Troy got a letter in the post from the supermarket’s customer care department – denying what he found was a condom and offering him an “insulting” £20 voucher as compensation.

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The letter read: “We can categorically state that this was not a condom, and it was a skin that had formed on top of the product.

“During manufacturing the product is filled hot. During this process many air bubbles are trapped in the product and these rise to the surface and dissipate.

“On this occasion … these bubbles did not dissipate and formed a foam skin on top of the product.

“During transit it appears this foam skin folded back on itself forming the effect that the customer witnessed.”

But Troy slammed the explanation along with the company’s attempt to make amends, saying they must think he is “stupid”.

He said: “Does that look like a foaming agent to you?

“Do you really think a foaming agent is going to put a rib in it?

“If you do an online poll asking ‘what is this?’ what would people say it is I wonder?

“To think they think you are stupid enough to think it’s a foaming agent.”

Troy said he deliberately didn’t remove the “condom” from the jelly after finding it so the Co-op wouldn’t accuse him of planting it there.

But he said he now wishes he had never handed over the jar.

He said: “I think a £20 offer is derisory and insulting.

“My partner now won’t touch redcurrant jelly, nor will the two kids. They used to love the stuff.”

Troy added: “What with their Santa Clauses and Easter Bunnies the Co-op doesn’t seem to be having a good time of it at the moment.”

The supermarket was recently forced into a recall of chocolate Santas and Easter Bunnies after customers found deadly batteries rattling around inside them.

The Sun Online has contacted the Co-op for additional comment.

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