Cash machine scam warning as con artists use iPods to swipe bank card details

A TIKTOKER is warning people of a cash machine scam which sees con artists use iPods to swipe bank card details.

The quick-thinking girl revealed how scammers were using a hidden iPod in a bid to steal Brits' money.

The scam sees criminals conceal iPod nanos and use them as spy camera.

They strap the MP3 players to the roof of cash points and set it to record so it videos customers inputting their personal identification number (PIN).

The iPod is concealed in a piece of plastic specially-designed to blend in, with the camera recording through a pinhole-sized gap.

Meanwhile, fraudsters also place another piece of plastic over the card reader which is designed to trap a bank card. 

When the owner walks away, thieves remove the card and take cash from the account using the PIN caught on camera.

But one smart TikToker managed to catch the video scam on video.

In the clip she explains what happened while holding the musical device she discovered.

She said: “We’re at the Barclays cash machine on Bethnal Green Road

“My friend's card has been chewed up.

“She put it in to take her money out and she wasn't able to take her money out.

How to protect yourself from ATM fraud

Banking trade body UK Finance has the following advice to protect yourself from ATM fraud:

  • Stand close to the cash machine. Always shield the keypad with your free hand and your body to avoid anyone seeing you enter your PIN. This will protect your PIN from anyone who might be looking over your shoulder, and also help to keep your PIN safe if a fraudster has set up a hidden camera that is filming the keypad.
  • Be alert and put your personal safety first. If someone is crowding or watching you, cancel the transaction and go to another machine. Do not accept help from seemingly well-meaning strangers and never allow yourself to be distracted.
  • Don't leave the ATM if your card is sucked in. Fraudsters sometimes fit devices to cash machines that trap your card, which they then retrieve as soon as you have left the area. If your card is retained by the machine for any reason, report it to your card company immediately, ideally using your mobile phone while you are still in front of the machine. Make sure you have your card company’s 24 hour contact number stored in your mobile phone. You should also freeze your card using your card issuer’s app if they provide this service.
  • Don't use dodgy machines. If you spot anything unusual about the cash machine, or there are signs of tampering, do not use it. Report it to the bank concerned immediately.
  • Destroy mini statements.Once you have completed a transaction put your money and card away before leaving the cash machine. Destroy or preferably shred your cash machine receipts, mini-statements or balance enquiries when you dispose of them.

“The card got stuck inside – So i touched this, it was attached here.

“I saw this which looked a bit dodgy.

“We’ve pulled it off and there's an ipod attached to it 

“So I'm going to report it to the police but be careful people because these are attached at the top, you can pull it off .

“It's attached with some sticky tape.”

A Barclays spokesperson said: “This is a clear example of fraud.

"Always remember to shield your pin, and if you see anything unusual or suspicious at an ATM, do not use it – report it immediately to the police or the nearest branch.

"The decide in the video is a remote ATM and was checked by an engineer when it was first reported (June 2020).

"The card reader was removed and the tape was also removed.

"The ATM has been brought back into service since then."

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