Bylaw officers told to crack down on Uber: Surrey city councillor

A Surrey city councillor says she was told that the city’s bylaw officers were directed to target ridesharing vehicles over the weekend.

Linda Annis told Global News that Surrey’s general manager of corporate services Rob Costanzo informed her at a morning meeting of the initiative.

Annis said bylaw officers were instructed to book Uber vehicles and when the drivers arrived, to issue them a warning along with a $500-per-car fine to the company.

“To call a car that you are not wanting to use to issue a warning, to me, is totally inappropriate, and their time should be used for better things in terms of doing bylaw enforcement in Surrey,” said Annis.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum is slated to speak to the media at 3 p.m. Monday. The mayor has previously said the ridesharing regime is unfair to taxi drivers, who must operate within smaller zone boundaries and with fleet size restrictions.

On Friday, Surrey sent Uber a notice warning it to cease operations in the city or face fines.

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