Boy, 8, wrecks mum’s car after joyriding it down motorway at 112mph

An eight-year-old boy took his mum's car on a 87mph (140kmph) joyride on a German motorway before being found by police.

The youngster was discovered parked at a motorway services station on the A44 near the city of Soest, North Rhine-Westphalia, in the early hours of Friday.

His alarmed parents contacted police at 12.25am and told them that he had taken their VW Golf, which had automatic transmission, from their home.

Stunned motorist also reported the incident to police after witnessing the boy driving on the road.

After coming to a halt, the parked the car and turned on the hazard lights and set up a warning triangle.

Police say he told them that "he just wanted to drive a little bit" and had decided to pull in as he had become intimidated by the motorway.

According to his mother the boy is an avid car enthusiast and drives karts and bumper cars.

Officers say that no damage was done to property during the joyride, but say the mum's car was badly damaged.

The boy is now being examined by psychological professionals and reportedly pulled a similar stunt just days before.

Last month, four children stole a family's ca r and took it on a 600-mile road trip across the Australian outback before they were finally tracked down by police.

One of the kids left a goodbye note for his family before the group set off on a 24-hour joyride that spanned two states and sparked a public appeal from police.

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