Boris Johnson speech: What time is the PM's announcement today, Wednesday, October, 6?

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson will make a speech at this year's Conservative Party Conference.

Johnson's speech is the highlight of the conference and follows addresses make by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Communities and Housing minister Michael Gove.

What time is Boris Johnson's speech today?

Johnson's speech will take place at 11.30am from the Manchester Exchange Hall.

His appearance will wrap up the Conservative Party Conference which took place between October 3 and October 6, 2021, at the Manchester Convention Complex in Manchester.

This year's meeting has been split between real life and virtual events due to on-going Covid procedures.

Johnson's speech will take place in front a crowd of Tory members.

What is Boris Johnson expected to announce?

The Prime Minister is expected to focus on his "Build Back Better" agenda.

A day before the conference, he said in a statement: "Build Back Better means we want things to change and improve as we recover.

"Only the Conservatives are getting on with the job, tackling the long-term challenges this country faces.

"That means taking the big, bold decisions on the priorities people care about – like on social care, on supporting jobs, on climate change, tackling crime and levelling up."

He's also expected to announce a new economic agenda and will likely address plans to raise the minimum wage and touch on the recent fuel crisis.

Reports also suggest he may push for a return to the office as the Covid crisis continues to ease.

How can I watch Boris Johnson's speech live?

You can watch the speech on major news channels like BBC News and Sky News.

It'll also be available on BBC iPlayer and Sky News' YouTube channel.

Senior minister have been addressing the party faithful all week.

On Tuesday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said his priority was to get the UK out of the pandemic and to tackle the "huge backlog" of appointments.

He told the conference: "My priorities are simple: Covid, recovery, reform.

"Covid – getting us, and keeping us, out of the pandemic. Recovery – tackling the huge backlog of appointments it has caused. And reform of our health and social care systems for the long-term."

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