Bombshell book set to reveal ‘secrets from young women' who claim they were 'intimate' with Prince Andrew

A BOMBSHELL book is set to reveal never-before-seen testimony from a "bevy" of young women who claim they were “intimate” with Prince Andrew.

Best-selling author Ian Halperin insists that ‘Sex, Lies and Dirty Money By The World's Powerful Elite’ will pile pressure on the duke to meet with the FBI.

The book, which has been listed on Amazon and said to be on sale in the next few days, promises to reveal the "real story" of Andrew’s relationship with notorious billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The online description says it will offer “never before revealed testimony" from young women "who claim they were intimate with the Royal Prince”.

It adds: “His revelations about the disgraced Prince will make world headlines."

In an interview on US radio, Canadian filmmaker and best-selling author Halperin said: “It's going to shed a lot of light.

“l'll say one thing after my book, if Prince Andrew is not finally interrogated by the Feds, we've got a major problem because I'm unleashing a ton (of) never before revealed stuff.

“About the Epstein case, about Maxwell, especially about Prince Andrew and about a plethora of other people connected to Epstein whose roles have never been revealed before.”

Andrew, 60, is currently in a stand-off with US authorities over whether he will co-operate with an investigation into Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators.

His friend Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, has been charged with child grooming connected to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring in the probe.

She is currently in jail awaiting trial and denied the charges against her.

Halperin says that he even previously interviewed Epstein about his life, in 2001, while writing an expose on the modelling industry.

He says he has conducted deep investigations into the paedophile, who killed himself in jail last year aged 66, and his social circles.

Halperin, a New York Times best-selling author, confirmed: “I actually interviewed Epstein for a book I wrote in 2001, when I infiltrated the model industry.

“I interviewed him for the book. He was one of my notorious, off the record sources. We had a long interview and I never revealed the contents of the interview.”

Halperin’s six-volume book is described on Amazon as “the rollicking, scandalous, untold story behind the power, greed and corruption by the world's most powerful elite”.

It adds that “Halperin goes for royal blood” in volume one, offering up details of Prince Andrew as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘Megxit’ separation from the Royal Family.

Halperin says the book will be released in the next few days.

He has previously written books on Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie and Whitney Houston.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied previous allegations that he had any sexual contact with Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts.

Representatives for the prince declined to comment on the allegations made in Halperin's book.

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