Blokes take outdoor dining to extremes with snowy catch up outside bistro

Two Surrey blokes were determined to make the most of the return of outdoor dining, even if it meant braving the snow.

An amusing photo making the rounds on social media on Monday shows two pals grimly sharing a meal together outside a bistro in Cranleigh.

Surrey saw a chilly start to the week with shiver-inducing lows of -2C and snow falling across much of the county.

A flimsy umbrella doesn't seem to be providing much protection from the elements as snow can be seen swirling all around the al fresco diners, but they look determined to finish their food regardless.

The photo, taken outside Yangaz Bistro Grill, was posted to Twitter by YouTuber and podcast host Martin Bamford.

"A solid start to the new reality of outdoor dining in Cranleigh this morning," he wrote alongside it.

"This makes me proud to be British," one Twitter user responded, while another said: "Legends, hope it was enjoyed!"

If you know either of these brave diners, contact [email protected]

Monday marked a shift in hospitality restrictions as part of England's slow march out of lockdown.

From April 12 pubs, restaurants, cafés and bars are allowed to reopen but only their outdoor seating areas.

While there's no requirement for a substantial meals to be served alongside alcohol (unlike last year), the requirement to eat and drink while seated will still be in place.

The rule of six applies and punters must stay two metres from everyone outside their immediate group.

It's thought that coronavirus isn't able to spread as easily outdoors, so drinking and dining in beer gardens and outside venues is the safest way to ensure we don't see another spike in infections.

Dr Luke Powles, Clinical Director at Bupa Health Clinics, has shared some expert tips on how to stay safe when returning to the pub or your local café.

"It's important to remember that the pandemic is still going on, so when returning to eating and drinking out, although it may be exciting, things may be different to what we're used to," he told The Mirror.

"At the moment, only al fresco drinks and dining is on the cards. This is because infections spread much less easily outside.

"The guidance states that up to six people from any household can meet outdoors, in order to keep yourself safe and reduce any anxiety about going, there a few steps I'd advice taking.

"It's going to feel a little bit different going out to eat and drink to what we were used to so it's important we're aware of the rules to keep ourselves and others safe around us.

"Firstly, wash your hands when you get there and use sanitiser regularly. Follow signage such as special one-way routes to get to the toilets.

"Finally, stay at the table as much as possible to reduce contact with other surfaces."

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