Blokes branded ‘thugs’ after throwing punches by poolside in holiday resort

Two blokes have been branded 'thugs' after they started fighting by the pool of a family holiday resort.

The men, who were wearing nothing but swimming trunks, were seen throwing punches by the pool as other families, with children were seen in the pool behind them.

Both of the men are of similar heights and builds as they swung a few digs in at each other, before one of them fell to the ground he grabbed onto his opponent's leg to drag him down too.

Speaking in a southern American accent, the bloke donning the green trunks repeatedly told the other man: "You better stop."

While the other responded with: "You came after me you m*****f****r."

Another man managed to get in between the pair, despite his girlfriend trying to stop him from getting involved and he begged them to stop.

The two men were seen reluctantly walking away from the scuffle before the clip ended and it was shared to Twitter by @jsantanaback, who wrote: "I'm at the pool tryna relax and the white boys start puttin hands on each other."

The clip quickly went viral on social media, with many turning it into memes and some branding the men as 'thugs' for their behaviour.

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One user wrote: "Look at these thugs."

Another added: "Lmao that's gotta be the worst fight I've ever seen."

A third said: "I think dark hair won this fight! Landed more significant strikes, but the older man had two takedowns! No KO so they left it in the judges' hands."

A fourth commented: "I’d imagine this is how Bigfoot would fight."

The news comes after two Met Police officers were recorded beating a 16-year-old lad in a back garden in South East London.

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The shocking video seems to show the uniformed officers beating the 16-year-old at least seven times before piling on top of him in the back garden of a property in Abbey Wood on June 10.

Police were said to be responding to a report of a child who was robbed by a "group of males" in the area and stolen items were recovered from the house during the response.

However, social media users were outraged at the scale of force shown to the teenager as they believe it was excessive.

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