Bloke near death proposed before op in case ‘new heart didn’t love girlfriend’

A talented footballer who had an urgent heart transplant after he “died twice” asked to wed his girlfriend before the dangerous surgery – “in case his new heart didn’t love her”.

Brooklyn Peakman was left in coma and fighting for his life when his original valve operation went drastically wrong and he had a stroke that left him technically dead for a terrifying 17 minutes.

Docs told the 20-year-old he was unlikely to get better but the brave bloke fought the odds to come out of his coma ready for heart surgery.

Loved-up Brooklyn, who lived with girlfriend Ellie Spencer, 18, at his family home throughout lockdown, decided to propose before his procedure, The Mirror reports.

He gushed: “After they told me I needed a new heart, I told Ellie we’d better get engaged – just in case my new heart didn’t love her.

“It turns out my new heart loves her as much as the old one.

“I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle and call her my wife. It’ll be a day I didn’t think I’d get to see.”

Brooklyn, who played as a goalkeeper for Welsh team Prestatyn Town, was born with a condition that meant his heart’s blood vessels pushed blood in the wrong direction.

He was forced to endure the agony of two aborted transplants after a donor heart started to fail with his chest already cut open.

A second was cancelled after medics decided the donor organ wasn’t a suitable match before the successful lifesaving procedure on St Patrick’s Day.

He popped the big question to Ellie before the first transplant attempt.

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She said: “He smiled when I said yes, I think it relaxed him. He was quite anxious after coming so close to death.

“I wanted him to go down for his transplant knowing how much I loved him. My focus for now is getting him fully recovered.”

The happy couple say they are buzzing for their big day, and although Brooklyn won’t be able to play football again he dreams of becoming a coach.

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