Beast from the East set to hit UK again with huge snow bomb and extreme cold

It'll be a case of new year, new beast for Brits as two hellish weather fronts are set to face off and cause bone-chillingly freezing temperatures and blankets of snow.

In what could be a fresh version of 2018's infamous Beast from the East, an icy blast of freezing air set to wrestle it out with La Nina – which threatens wet and stormy weather.

Forecasters have warned the stratosphere is "beginning to ‘misbehave’ again" – and that it could lead to the same weather conditions that caused the original beast to bare its teeth.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "You’ve got the two events happening at the same time so they vie against each other in a sense.

"They’re sort of fighting for influence over the UK, we’re a very small dot in the middle of the ocean.

"There’s still a lot to play for, we’re keeping an eye on the situation, the experts are working on how that might influence our weather."

John Hammond, of the website Weather­trending, said: "There are signs this winter will be quite different. Of course, some places have already had snow, and much of early December stayed quite cold.”

He added: "There are signs the stratosphere is beginning to ‘misbehave’ again this winter.

"That may have unpredictable and extreme impacts on our weather later on this winter. With this would come the chance of severe snowfall and extreme cold.”

Public Health England has also issued a cold weather alert, and urged Brits to protect vulnerable loved ones.

Dr Owen Landeg, Principal Environmental Public Health Scientist at PHE, said: "During this cold spell we all need to be looking out for frail or older neighbours or relatives, especially those living alone or who have serious illnesses.

"We still need to be aware of Covid-19 safety and local restrictions, but regular phone calls or socially-distant visits on their doorstep can make all the difference.

"Simple things – like reminding them to keep their homes well heated, to at least 18 Celsius, 356 Fahrenheit, if possible, and if they’re venturing out in icy conditions wearing shoes with a good grip to help prevent falls – will all help keep them safe and healthy."

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