BBC Weather: Scorching heatwave pushes temperatures above 30C across parts of Europe

BBC Weather: Europe set for 'continued heatwave' across continent

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Temperatures will sky-rocket in countries like Greece and Turkey, according to the latest BBC weather forecast. BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker told viewers that while temperatures in Central Europe will be “disappointing” over the coming week, the Mediterranean will remain “hot and sunny”. He also said that weather in the UK should remain settled, but is not likely to reach heatwave temperatures.

Mr Schafernaker said: “On the satellite picture you can see clouds stretching from Germany across Poland, into Ukraine, Belarus and western parts of Russia.

“This is a low pressure, an area of disturbed weather with showers and frequent thunderstorms in places.

“This will continue through Monday into Tuesday.”

He said that Western Europe is in the grip of high pressure and so “the weather is much more settled”.

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The BBC meteorologist continued: “The Mediterranean remains hot and sunny this week.

“On Monday you can see Greece and Turkey in excess of 30C.

“It will remain in the high 20s for much of the Balkans

“And then in Central Europe, it is in the mid to high teens, which is very disappointing temperatures for this time of year.

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He added: “In Warsaw, temperatures will only reach 16C.

“It is much warmer in southern Scandinavia, with 25C in Oslo and 21C in Stockholm.

“On Tuesday that cloudy weather front is basically centred anywhere from the Baltic states to Poland. There could be very heavy rain here in places.

“Further west it remains sunny through Tuesday, or at least settled.”

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The city forecast saw London remain steady at 19C to 20C while Madrid hovers close to 30C.

This summer has seen extreme weather events wreak havoc all over Europe, with wildfires devastating parts of Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Spain.

Parts of the continent including Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland and western Russia saw temperatures 2C or more above the average for recent decades.

At the same time, climate scientists have warned in a new study that heavy rainfall and catastrophic flooding events like those that hit Western Europe in July will be more frequent and intense in coming years.

The World Weather Attribution initiative, an international group of climate scientists behind the report, said the historic rainfall was 1.2 to 9 times more likely to happen due to climate change.

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