Armed gang forced screaming boy, six, into oven and threatened to cook him alive

An evil gang of armed men forced a six-year-old boy into an oven and threatened to cook him alive whilst his terrified family watched on.

Schoolboy Gideon Bierman endured the traumatic experience when seven heavily armed men raided his family's farm in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

The gang were threatening to cook the screaming youngster alive as they thought his family were hiding money from them.

The family, including Gideon and father Niel, 47, mum Sonja, 43, and brothers Daniel, 13, and Jacobus, 10, were ambushed on the cattle farm they have owned for 15 years.

They also run a guest house on the site.

Sonja explained how initially two men and a woman arrived on Saturday before the full gang descended on the property.

She told The Scottish Sun: "There was no time to react as they were armed with a shotgun and five pistols and tied Niel up."

Their first move was to take Sonja and the kids to the farm's safes, pointing guns at them and threatening to shoot if the safes weren't opened.

The men were enraged when no valuables were found inside, rather just a 7.65mm Browning pistol, a Browning rifle and a pellet gun.

Sonja continued: "I told them repeatedly that we do not keep money in the house but they did not believe me and as I tried to calm the children I heard a shot fired from inside the house.

"I did not know if my husband was alive or dead and then they grabbed my youngest Gideon and took us off to the kitchen, where I found out that my husband had not been shot."

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She explained how they watched helplessly as the gang tried to force Gideon into the oven, but that the brave six-year-old managed to resist.

The gang eventually panicked and fled after a worker, who happened to be coming up to the farm to get chicken feed, realised what was happening and ran away to raise the alarm.

All in all, they got away with some change, the family's Isuzu pick-up truck, Niel's bank cards and PIN codes, the guns and mobile phones.

The family are now receiving counselling after their traumatic experience, and the gang are still at large.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubla said that it wasn't the first time the farm had been ransacked.

The incident was just the latest in a wave of savage attacks on South African farmers, with one elderly woman recently having been tortured with a blowtorch.

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