Archie Eversole cause of death news – Atlanta We Ready rapper dead at just 37 as fans pay tribute to the star

WE Ready rapper Archie Eversole has died and his cause of death remains unknown.

It was announced on April 13 that the Atlanta, Georgia-based artist had passed away at the age of 37.

Eversole's nephew, Jordan Hughley, confirmed the tragic news to The Sun, saying, "He was a great and loving man. He was really genuine and loved everyone."

Despite the loss being confirmed, Eversole's cause of death is still unclear.

Meanwhile, fans took to Twitter to remember the musician's legacy.

"Sports team fans around the world will sing your anthem for years to come, but it will forever mean something extra special to #ATLUTD fans," wrote one person in relation to his Atlanta United-themed song.

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    Fans react to Eversole's death on Twitter

    More fans have posted their tributes to the late rapper on Twitter.

    Someone wrote: "I’m having an unreasonably reflective response to Archie Eversole’s death."

    Someone else tweeted: "RIP @archieeversole.

    "Always so kind, always a smile on your face. Sports team fans around the world will sing your anthem for years to come, but it will forever mean something extra special to #ATLUTD fans."

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    Did Eversole release another album?

    Since his debut album in 2002, Eversole had not released any other albums.

    However, he released a number of EPs and singles between 2018 and 2020.

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    What are Eversole's most popular songs?

    According to his Spotify statistics, Eversole's five most-streamed songs are:

    • We Ready
    • We Ready – Remix
    • United We Conquer
    • Rollin' Hard
    • Don't F… Wit us
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      Eversole's most recent song release

      In his Instagram bio, Eversole promotes his latest single King, which was released in 2020.

      The song can be found on Spotify.

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      How did Bubba Sparxxx break into the industry?

      In 1996, he relocated to Athens, Georgia, where he met Bobby Stamps, an industry veteran.

      Stamps overheard him rapping after a Georgia football game and brought him to Atlanta producer Shannon Houchins.

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      Who is Bubba Sparxxx? continued

      Through mixtapes delivered from New York City, his nearest neighbor, who lived half a mile away, exposed him to rap music.

      His exposure to hip hop was through the music of 2 Live Crew; he then moved on to West Coast gangsta rap artists like N.W.A and Too Short, as well as the Atlanta group Outkast.

      He was a tight end and linebacker for his high school football team, earning All-Region accolades in his senior year despite his rapping passion.

      Steve Herndon, a former offensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos, played football with him in high school.

      He relocated to Tampa, Florida, in 2007.

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      Who is Bubba Sparxxx?

      Born March 6, 1977, Warren Anderson Mathis is a rapper from Georgia who goes by the stage name Bubba Sparxxx.

      His tracks include Deliverance, Ugly, and Ms New Booty, which featured Ying Yang Twins and Mr Collipark and reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

      Mathis was born and raised in a little town near LaGrange, Georgia. He's of French ancestry.

      His father worked as a school bus driver, while his mother worked as a cashier at a supermarket.

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      Where to watch 'We Ready' music video

      Fans of Eversole can find the music video for We Ready featuring Bubba Sparxxx on YouTube.

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      'We Ready' sounds around locker room

      Following the news of his death, a Twitter video posted in January of a football team singing Eversole's We Ready in the locker room resurfaced.

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      Speculation regarding cause of death

      According to, many of Eversole's friends mourned his death on April 13, one even commenting that the rapper was killed.

      Eversole's cause of death still remains unconfirmed.

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      Was Eversole in a relationship before his death?

      If Eversole was in any kind of romantic relationship, nothing regarding it was made public as of April 13.

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      Brandon Caldwell pays tribute

      ESPN writer Brandon Caldwell took to Twitter to comment on Eversole's death, saying that Eversole was "an energetic rapper."

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      Eversole's music motivated many

      On Twitter, someone said that Eversole's We Ready helped him preserve during their torn ACL recovery.

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      Who confirmed Eversole's death>

      The rapper's family confirmed his death to Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 on April 13.

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      FTCU account pays tribute

      The For The Culture United soccer podcast Twitter account paid tribute to Eversole by posting a video of an audience chanting "We ready."

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      What's the importance of 'We Ready'?

      We Ready, Archie's hit song, was not only a catchy tune, but it also became a high school football chant.

      It's been over two decades since the song was released, yet it's still relevant today.

      There's also a video of a group of high school students shouting "We Ready" before a game that went viral.

      The song's powerful lyrics are intended to motivate the players.

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      What was Archie Eversole's net worth?

      While the artist's actual net worth is unknown, it was said to range from $250,000 to $1million.

      The majority of his net wealth comes from record and clothing sales.

      Eversole was also chosen to write the Atlanta United MLS team's theme song, United We Conquer.

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      Eversole's last Instagram post

      Eversole's last post on Instagram was made on March 24.

      Tagging Hello Fresh in the caption and hashtagging #WEREADY, Eversole flaunted his meal in a video.

      View this post on Instagram

      A post shared by ARCHIE "UNITED" EVERSOLE (@archieeversole)

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      Tribute from Falcons creative director

      Upon hearing about Eversole's death, Atlanta Falcons' Creative Director Larry Luk tweeted: RIP Archie Eversole. We Ready has been the soundtrack to my nights, weekends, and ATL UTD match days for years & was the first song I played for my son before his first Five Stripes experience at MBS."

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      Fans offer condolences

      On Twitter, fans are also expressing their sadness at the news of Eversole's death.

      One user wrote: "Rest up Archie Eversole. You was a real one and showed me around the A as a lil kid something I’ll never forget."

      Someone else wrote: "Awww man, another one gone tooo soon… Condolences and prayer to and up for his family… See you at the Crossroads…"

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      Paying tribute to Eversole

      NFL quarterback Robert Lee Griffin III took to Twitter to offer his condolences, writing: "Rest In Peace Archie Eversole. Prayers up to his family and loved ones."

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      Who were Eversole's parents?

      His father was a member of the United States Navy, and his mother was a member of the United States Army, both of whom were stationed in Germany, according to the Daily Mail.

      Eversole was brought up in Atlanta's College Park neighborhood after his family came to the United States.

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      When was Eversole born?

      The late rapper was born in July 1984 on a military base in Germany.

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      What theme song did Eversole work on?

      In 2018, Eversole was chosen to write the theme song United We Conquer for the Major League Soccer team Atlanta United.

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      When did Eversole record his debut album?

      He was aged 17 when he recorded his first album called Ride Wit Me Dirty South Style.

      It was released in 2002.

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