All you need to know to get your NHS Covid Pass with or without the app

Boris Johnson has introduced restrictions to tackle the coronavirus, known as 'Plan B'.

The new plans mean mask-wearing indoors, working from home and of course — vaccine passports.

These are also known as the 'NHS COVID pass' and they are going to become an important feature of our lives very soon.

If we want to go to a club or a large music venue in an attempt to find some fun in what is still a Covid-ridden year, then we need our vaccine passports to make sure we get in.

Vaccine passports are a little controversial, but you won't be belting out Mr Brightside on the dance floor at 2am without one.

So how can you get one?

How to get a Covid passport and install the app

The pass proves that you are fully vaccinated.

To get the pass, you need to install and log in to the NHS app.

Upon entering the app, you will be taken to the homepage where you will see an option that reads 'popular services'.

Above popular services will be your name, date of birth and NHS number.

Look further down the page to find the option that reads 'NHS Covid Pass'.

From there, you will be taken to a page where you can get your pass, either for domestic use or for travel.

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Click 'domestic' to get your pass.

Those without the app can use the online NHS COVID Pass service here.

If you cannot apply digitally using the NHS App or online service, you can ask for an NHS COVID Pass letter to be sent to you in the post.

What does a Covid passport look like?

The NHS Covid pass looks a little bit like a QR code you might scan to look at a menu in a restaurant or pub.

The code is known as a '2d barcode' and is unique to you.

Scanning the code will show your name, confirm your test or vaccination and give an expiry date.

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Your pass expires 30 days after it has been issued, when you will be required to request a new one.

They will mostly be used through the app, but you can request a link to be sent to your email if you are not online, which can be printed out for you to show at the door of the venue you wish to use it in.

iPhone users can add their pass to their Apple Wallet.

When will Covid passports be mandatory in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

The passports will be mandatory from Wednesday, December 15.

Those over the age of 16 can get themselves a pass for travel.

If you are 18 or over, then your pass can be used for domestic venues or events in England.

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You must have been vaccinated in England, Wales or the Isle of Man. Those who were vaccinated in Scotland must have been registered with a GP in England, and they must also live in England.

Vaccine passports have been in place in Scotland since October and are also required in Wales and Northern Ireland already.

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