‘What if another photo comes out?’ Rees-Mogg squirms as partying claims threaten Johnson

Boris Johnson: Rees-Mogg grilled on parties by Jeremy Kyle

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Radio host Jeremy Kyle warned things could go from bad to worse for Boris Johnson when he asked Jacob Rees-Mogg if Dominic Cummings could divulge “another” damaging photo of the Prime Minister. Mr Johnson has been facing increasing pressure after he was forced to admit to attending a party during lockdown, a month after Mr Cummings warned photographic evidence of social gatherings at Number 10 existed. The TalkRADIO presenter wondered whether Mr Johnson’s former political strategist could have other aces up his sleeve in a bid to deliver the ultimate blow and accelerate his departure.

Mr Kyle asked Mr Rees-Mogg whether the pieces of information Mr Cummings potentially amassed during his 16 months with the Prime Minister could mean that further trouble lies in store for the beleaguered Conservative Party leader.

He said: “What if another photo comes out?

“What if another Dominic Cummings piece of information [comes out]?

“We’re told at the moment [to] wait for the inquiry.

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“Do you and your colleagues believe there’s any more revelations?”

Mr Rees-Mogg did not exclude the scenario of more humiliating chapters in the story for Mr Johnson but played down the influence of his former “upset” ally.

He stressed that Britons will always be the ones who dictate who they pick as Prime Minister, saying: “I think you are asking a very interesting and important question.

“The Prime Minister got a majority of 80 given by the British people and you’re now saying will there be a continuing leaks campaign by Dominic Cummings?

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“Who do you think should decide who our Prime Minister is?

“British people who vote it or Dominic Cummings who is upset at having lost office?”

But Mr Kyle appeared perplexed at the prospect of the Prime Minister not checking what potential information an aide might be privy to and able to share upon partying ways.

Mr Kyle asked: “Has he got any more on Boris Johnson? Because I don’t understand how the Prime Minister of this country, knowing that these guys got whatever on him let him go like that?”


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And then he blasted Mr Johnson for failing to “take the box off him” once their association came to a close.

He said “Why didn’t they take the box off him before he walked out the front door?

Mr Rees-Mogg noted Mr Johnson’s “loyalty to people who worked for him”, which he described as a “great quality”, may leave him exposed to betrayal from erstwhile colleagues

The leader of the House also hit back comments from Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross urging Mr Johnson to resign.

He dubbed Mr Ross’s comments as irrelevant before claiming the Scottish politician is eclipsed by Scotland Secretary Alister Jack.

He said: ‘I don’t think it is a surprise that Douglas Ross takes this view, he has never been a supporter of the Prime Minister.

‘He has constantly made disobliging comments about the Prime Minister. I listen to the Scottish Secretary, to Alister Jack.’

‘I don’t think Douglas Ross is a big figure. I think Alister Jack is a really serious and senior figure.’  


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