US election news:Who is standing in 2021 Georgia runoffs? Democrats’ chance to flip Senate

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Joe Biden became President-Elect this month thanks to voters across the US, who awarded him the most significant popular vote margin in American history and a healthy lead in the Electoral College. Mr Biden’s 306 votes match Mr Trump’s in 2016 which his supporters hailed as a “landslide”, ending the incumbent’s term as it began. But the election isn’t fully decided just yet, with some states still considering legal challenges made by the Trump campaign, others locked in recounts, and Georgia now hurtling towards a runoff.

Who is standing in the 2021 Georgia runoffs?

Georgia was one of several states which saw close competition between Mr Trump and Mr Biden earlier this year.

Just more than 14,000 votes separate candidates in the state, with an even tighter margin in the Senate.

With 99 percent of votes counted, none of the four candidates hoping to enter the upper-house managed to secure a majority of the vote, with two runoffs now scheduled for January 5.

David Perdue

Both of Georgia’s incumbent Senators hail from the Republican Party, with David Perdue as the senior.

He has held office in the state since 2015, after beating Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn by more than seven points.

The 70-year-old former businessman campaigned for reelection this year but made headlines for “offensive” attack adverts and public appearances.

Nevertheless, he gained more of the vote than his competitor, with 49.7 percent of Georgians backing his ticket, just 0.3 points off the margin he needed.

Jon Ossoff

Mr Perdue’s competition is investigative journalist and Atlanta native Jon Ossoff.

The Democratic nominee, 33, has worked for Insight TWI, a London-based firm which has helped the BBC produce investigations in the past.

The 2020 race was Mr Ossoff’s second foray into politics following an unsuccessful bid for Georgia’s 6th congressional district in 2017.

He turned heads this year during his televised debates against Mr Perdue, who pulled out of subsequent bouts both this year and during the 2021 runoffs.

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Kelly Loeffler

Kelly Loeffler is Georgia’s junior Senator, having taken office in earlier this year.

The Illinois native, 49, succeeded Republican Johnny Isakson on January 6 when he retired for health reasons.

A staunch Trump ally, she has always voted in line with the President’s interests and has previously signalled her opposition to Black Lives Matter.

She failed to secure reelection in 2020, coming second behind Democrat contender Raphael Warnock with 25.9 percent of the vote.

Raphael Warnock

Democratic Senate nominee and Pastor Raphael Warnock led the fight against the GOP in Georgia this year.

A local politician, the 51-year-old Savannah native has spent the last 15 years serving the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

His political career began in 2014 when he campaigned for the expansion of Medicaid, and he joined the nonpartisan New Georgia Project from 2017 to 2020.

The pastor secured 32.9 percent of the votes against his rival but didn’t gain the 50 points necessary.

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