Trump thanks Republicans for their ‘loyalty’ in upbeat video about the 2020 election.

President Trump recorded a two-minute video on Thursday that was played at the Republican National Committee winter meeting that evening, in which he spoke only in upbeat terms about the 2020 election and thanked the committee members for their “loyalty.”

The video came at a time when several Republicans in the Senate and some in the House, as well as former administration officials, are seeking to distance themselves from Mr. Trump after a crowd of supporters quickly went from listening to an inflammatory speech he made on Wednesday to a deadly mob overtaking the Capitol.

Mr. Trump had been considering another campaign of his own in 2024, something many Republican officials now see as an impossibility after the violence on Wednesday.

The president never mentioned the violence during the video to the Republican committee, and he also stayed away from the conspiracy theories and false claims of widespread fraud about the election that he had been spreading for two months.

In the video, Mr. Trump thanks “all my incredible friends at the R.N.C.,” the committee where his loyalist, Ronna McDaniel, is expected to be re-elected for another two-year term. He talked about receiving millions more votes than he did in 2016, the number of Republican women who were elected to Congress as well as the coronavirus vaccine.

“I want to thank you for your friendship and your loyalty,” he said.

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