‘Says it all!’ BBC U-turns on hiring ‘most biased presenter yet’ after fierce backlash

Boris Johnson makes dig at 'biased' BBC 'version of the truth!'

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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries announced a review this week into the impartiality of the BBC. She said: “The Government is committed to ensuring the BBC is more impartial, more accessible and more reflective of our country’s variety of viewpoints.”

Following this, writer and broadcaster Matthew Stadlen revealed he’d been hired by the BBC as a stand-in presenter on Radio Five.

But the corporation later revealed its “plans have changed”. It added this was the case “for now”, perhaps keeping the door open for a future re-hire.

GB News host Dan Wootton argued in a post on Twitter the U-turn only took place “because they got found out.”

Before the BBC issued a U-turn, critics were quick to hit out against Mr Stadlen’s appointment, with the Guido Fawkes politics blog branding him the broadcaster’s “most biased presenter yet.”

It drew attention to a selection of his tweets which criticised the Prime Minister and suggested “it’s probably time to vote Labour.”

One, posted in February this year, read: “Extraordinary that there are still people out there who would vote Tory under Boris Johnson.”

In another, Mr Stadlen asked: “If leaving the EU was such a good idea, does anyone know why Jacob Rees-Mogg is crowdsourcing Brexit opportunities?”

Tory peer Daniel Moylan criticised the appointment in a post on Twitter, writing: “I simply can’t believe this. Does the BBC hire anyone who thinks or votes Tory?”

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Concerns over the appointment also appear to reach all the way back to the Government itself.

Guido Fawkes quoted one “senior Government figure” as complaining: “Matthew’s social media suggests he doesn’t just hold private political views, he’s nakedly partisan.

“These aren’t historic tweets, he was slinging mud at the Government just a few weeks ago.”

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The source added: “Something has gone very wrong with the BBC’s recruitment process.”

Mr Stadlen dismissed these claims in a post on Twitter, in which he acknowledged that he had used the platform to express his opinions but noted that, from now on, “I’ll be asking questions” and “offering analysis”.

The presenter added: “Committed, clear and impartial broadcasting is at a premium and speech radio is on the up.”

He has not yet commented since the BBC said in a statement: “We have many conversations with a diverse range of potential presenters. We had offered him some temporary work but our plans have changed for now.”

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