Rejoiners delighted as Tony Blair tipped to ‘launch single-issue Rejoin-EU party’

Brexit: Tony Blair says political argument ‘is over’

Arch-Remainer Anthony Grayling shared the news from “abroad” Mr Blair has been considering future options for EU relations. The former Labour prime minister has been vocal in opposing Brexit and has constantly campaigned for a second referendum into the matter.

Mr Blair – despite admitting he would have voted for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in line with Sir Keir Starmer’s whip had he still been an MP – has still maintained he is “passionately opposed to Brexit” and hasn’t changed his mind and he even compared Brexit to “shock therapy” in a blog post for his Institute for Global Change think tank.

Concluding the post he hinted at future plans for the UK rejoining the Brussels bloc.

On January 3, Mr Blair wrote: “And – not that it is remotely on the agenda now – if there ever is to be a rekindling of a European future for Britain, under the leadership of a new younger generation, it can come only through a Britain that is strong, not one on its knees, a Britain Europe wants to imitate not isolate.”

Now Mr Grayling has suggested plans may already be in motion for a party to push the UK back into the bloc.

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He tweeted: “There is a suggestion abroad that Tony Blair is considering a single-issue Rejoin-EU party.

“I’d join it like a shot.”

The news sparked joy among Remainers who are now hoping the UK will one day rejoin the EU.

Another rejoiner, David Smith, added on Twitter: “I would put aside anger at Blair’s decision regarding the Iraq war & join a Rejoin-EU party.

“Whatever mistakes Blair may have made, he is a far higher calibre than anyone in the present Government.

“Rejoining is the key thing & we need a party that says it loudly & proudly.”

A second, John Martin, quipped: “This would definitely work.”

Another person said: “It’s about time we had a single issue party to represent all Rejoiners.”

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A final person suggested: “Yes, every time Tony gets on TV he brings more people to his point of view.

“If think it’s a stellar idea.

“Wheeling out has-been politicians to tell the public how to think always works.”

But Brexiteers questioned Mr Blair and his involvement in deciding to include the UK in the Iraq War in 2003 as a drawback for the idea.

One Brexiteer questioned: “Blair’s role in the disastrous invasion of Iraq makes him unfit for any political role.”

A second quipped: “All arguments for the UK to rejoin the EU are premature, if not delusional.”

It comes after the former Prime Minister and Labour leader has propelled himself back into the political mainstream in recent months to try and help with the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Mr Blair, who departed Downing Street in 2007 after a decade in charge, has been increasingly influential in decision-making at the highest level during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A source close to Mr Blair told the Sunday Times the former leader is determined to emulate the comeback of former French leader Charles de Gaulle.

Mr de Gaulle became the provisional leader of France from 1944-1946, overseeing the end of the Second World War, before leaving politics and returning as the President in 1958.

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