Oliver Dowden vows to put ‘turkeys on the table’ at Christmas amid supply chain chaos

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Speaking from the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Mr Dowden insisted delivering Christmas is at the top of the Government’s list following weeks of labour shortages, chaos in the supply chain, HGV driver shortages and fuel prices soaring.

Mr Dowden said: “There are challenges with supply chains

“We are not unique in the UK in this. For example if you look across other countries like Poland, the US, other countries. 

“There are shortages of drivers, that is to do with a range of factors not least the fact that testing wasn’t happening during COVID.

“You have got an ageing population of drivers. We are taking steps to address that.”

He added: “Whether that is extending the time before you have to renew your licence, whether that is beefing up the capacity to do tests.”

But Trevor Phillips hit back, asking: “But you can’t promise me that there is going to be turkey on the table at Christmas?”

Dowden insisted: “We will make sure people have their turkeys for Christmas.

“And I know that foe the environment secretary George Eustice this is absolutely top of his list.”

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