Oh dear, Keir! Humiliating poll shows Labour trailing to Tories despite crises

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Sir Keir has been working hard to make inroads with the Government under pressure over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with widespread concerns about the prospect of regional lockdowns and the possible impact on the economy. However, Savanta ComRes’s poll suggests despite this, support for the Conservatives has increased compared with last week, rising to 42 percent. In the same period, Labour, having been on level pegging with the Tories, has slumped to 36 percent.

Chris Hopkins, Savanta ComRes associate director, told Express.co.uk: “Labour haven’t hit 40 percent in a long time.

“And that is always going to be difficult considering the electoral map and the challenges that they face.

“That seems to be the Tories’ default and when they drop below 40 percent everyone wonders what is going on.

It’s not as simple as just get rid of Corbyn and everything will be wonderful

Chris Hopkins

“And the difficulty for Labour is getting above that.

“It’s not as simple as just get rid of Corbyn and everything will be wonderful.

“They have to do a lot of convincing.

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“Essentially we are asking people ‘if there was a general election tomorrow who would you vote for?’

“The Labour Party has a big gap to fill and I do think they know that.

“They are not unaware of the challenge that they face.

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“But things like this look on the face of it like a bit of a setback.”

Nevertheless, Mr Hopkins cautioned: “This is just one poll.

“What we saw last time was level pegging with Labour holding its ground.

“I don’t think there is much to worry about for Labour.

“However, it does just show how volatile things are and how a bad week for anyone could mean a big swing.

“It means that, on the face of it, those who might have been thinking about Labour might have got slightly more Conservative this time.”

Mr Starmer is attempting to distinguish himself from the Prime Minister by pushing for a “circuit break” lockdown to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, he said: “There’s a stark choice: carry on with the Prime Minister’s approach, which will lead to weeks and weeks and months and months of prolonged agony in all your constituencies for millions of people in Tier 2 and Tier 3, with no exit, or put in place a two to three-week time-limited circuit break to break the cycle and bring the virus back under control.”

“With half-term starting this Friday, this may be the last opportunity for the Prime Minister to put in place an effective circuit break.

“The Prime Minister was too slow in the first phase of this pandemic, he’s being too slow again, we cannot repeat this mistake.

“Will he act in the public interest and take the opportunity to put in place a circuit break this Friday?”

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