Nicola Sturgeon shutdown over Scottish Independence plot ‘SNP really wants to rejoin EU!’

Sturgeon and Greens deal looks ‘tenuous’ says Foster

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SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has been taken down over Scottish independence during a fiery on-air rant from GB New’s Patrick Christys. He savaged the Scottish First Minister for pursuing a “myth” over independence arguing what Ms Sturgeon really “wants is to rejoin the European Union.” Mr Christys went on to list the SNP Government’s failings including on Covid and drug deaths. 

Mr Christys told GB News viewers: “There is a new coalition in Scotland, the SNP, and the Greens have got into bed together.

“So instead of there being one minority party in charge north of the border, there are two.

“They have one aim Scottish independence, except it isn’t really Scottish independence, that is a myth.

“What Nicola Sturgeon really wants is to rejoin the European Union.

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“Now last time I checked Brussels was a lot further away and a lot less accountable than Westminster.

“The Scots are hoping for a brave news independent future instead they will be led by a pound shop William Wallace into a union of third-rate nations.

“Run by an unaccountable German lady who when defense secretary in her own country made her armed forces use broomsticks instead of guns because they were so under-resourced.

“The Greens have supported some pretty fruity stuff up north, including voting against a law that would allow rape victims to choose being medically examined by someone of their own biological sex, not someone who simply identifies as a woman.”

Scotland: SNP and Greens 'set for independence majority' says host

The GB News presenter continued: “Yep by why is Nicola Sturgeon so keen to push for independence from the UK and then simultaneously become a Brussels satellite state?

“Well her record isn’t great, she hasn’t hit NHS targets since 2017.

“Children at one Scottish hospital died because of contaminated water.

“She blames the Tories for the poor state of the health system but figures show health spending per person rose by 10 percent in England and just three percent in Scotland.


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“She is preceding over the worst drug-death problem in Europe, 295 drug deaths per million is four times higher almost than the rest of the UK and twice as high as when the SNP came to power,” he added.

“The life expectancy gap between the richest and poorest areas of Glasgow is wider than it was 20-years-ago.

“Her handling of the Covid crisis has been pretty dire, she has the worst care home death rate in the UK.

“44 percent of all Covid deaths were in care homes.”

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