Nicola Sturgeon shows ’complete disregard’ to Scotland’s NHS ‘no forward planning’

SNP ‘showing disregard for proper planning of NHS’ says Hoy

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Craig Hoy, the Scottish Conservatives’ shadow Health Minister, told how the “chickens are coming home to roost” for Nicola Sturgeon. The First Minister has been grappling with soaring A&E wait times, a social care crisis, and an ambulance driver shortage amid a backdrop of repeated failures to fix systemic issues within the Scottish NHS.

Mr Hoy slammed: “Nicola Sturgeon is blaming all of this on Covid and it is not all because of Covid.

“Covid has been a contributing factor in some respect but at the heart of the Scottish NHS’s problem is a failure to workforce plan and a failure to make sure the resources are in the right place.”

The Sout Scotland MSP claimed there has been “10 percent decrease” in the last decade in the number of hospital beds. 

Mr Hoy added: “Right across the service, both in terms of bed capacity, in terms of hospital buildings.

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“But most importantly, in terms of the workforce, the Scottish Government has shown complete disregard for proper planning for our NHS.”

As a result, he suggested the “chickens are now coming home to roost” on the issues Ms Sturgeon has ignored as a health crisis has blown up in Scotland.

The crisis has seen record A&E wait times week after week, a shortage of beds, a shortage of ambulance drivers compounded by long ambulance wait times.

The situation has got so bad that the SNP have been forced to draft in the army to cope with the chaos unfolding in the health service.

Sturgeon criticised by Hoy for blaming Brexit and Covid

Mr Hoy went on to note how the fact that these crises have taken place alongside Covid has “to some extent” given Nicola Sturgeon some cover.

But he warned how he believes the public are now beginning to “see-through” this smokescreen from the First Minister and the SNP.

He concluded saying “they know like we know, that these problems predated Covid”.

The comments come as just 71.5 percent of people visiting A&E in the week to September 12 were seen within four hours, a drop from the previous week’s figure of 74.6 percent, according to NHS Scotland figures.

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According to the latest data, 1,895 people out of the 27,354 (6.9 percent) who went to emergency departments in Scotland in the week of September 12 waited more than eight hours to be seen. 551 (two percent) waited more than 12 hours.

The Scottish Government has a target of 95 percent of patients to be seen within four hours.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government told The Scotsman: “Our NHS staff have faced unprecedented pressures over recent weeks as they work tirelessly and consistently to respond to the pandemic…

“Whilst continuing to provide vital treatment and optimal patient care. We are in daily contact with every board and are monitoring the situation closely.”

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