Lord Frost tells President Biden to ‘butt out’ and to ‘stop lecturing’ UK over NI Protocol

Brexit: Northern Ireland protocol 'unsustainable' says Burns

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The comments come as the UK and the European Union are at loggerheads over the Protocol. The EU negotiator Maroš Sefčovič, told the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Thursday that there could be no change to the Protocol.

Ms Truss warned Brussels that they have 72 hours to budge on negotiations over Northern Ireland border checks or the Government will have “no choice but to act” and tear up the Protocol.

President Biden weighed in on the row and advised Boris Johnson to show “leadership” by continuing negotiations, not ripping up the Protocol designed to protect the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and protecting the border.

A spokeswoman for the White House said: “The best path forward is a pragmatic one that requires courage, co-operation and leadership.

“We urge the parties to continue engaging in a dialogue to resolve differences and bring negotiations to a successful conclusion.”

It has been reported by The Guardian that senior US congress representatives are due to fly to London in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Lord Frost wrote in The Telegraph: “The Government has no option now other than to act unilaterally to disapply part or all of the Protocol.”

He described the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement as “on life support” with an “imminent threat to our ability to govern Northern Ireland and protect its people’s economic, trading, and security interests”.

Following a speech to the Heritage Foundation, Lord Frost criticised President Biden’s input and insinuated that his administration could not really understand the complexities of Northern Ireland.

He said: “I know the administration is looking at this very closely. I’m not convinced the niceties are well understood.

“I get slightly frustrated when we are told by a third party, albeit a very important one in this context, how to manage these issues.”

The Former Brexit minister continued: “It is our country that faced terrorism, faced the Troubles. I am old enough to remember having to check under my car every morning, as a diplomat, before I went to work.

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“Most people were very affected in one way or another by this.

“So we don’t need lectures from others about the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement. We are well aware of this, and nobody wants to go back to it.”

He concluded: “In the end it has got to be our judgement about what is needed to preserve that agreement and preserve the unity of the country and the consent of everybody in Northern Ireland for these arrangements.”

The Prime Minister is set to give an announcement on the progress of the Northern Ireland negotiations on Monday.

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