Labour think tank warns things to look out for in looming Tory conference ‘A distraction!’

Conservatives 'must address series of crises' says Harrop

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General Secretary of the Fabian Society, Andrew Harrop, spoke with about the looming Conservative Party conference and was asked his thoughts on what he will look out for. Mr Harrop feared the whole conference could be seen as a “distraction” from the fuel and labour crisis being experienced across the UK and demanded the politicians to address those issues. He added he did not want to see the right use the event as a ploy to stir up division among Labour supporters by focussing on identity politics issues that are not being widely spoken about by the electorate.

Speaking to, Mr Harrop was asked what he would be looking out for at the Tory Party conference and whether he feared it could make the Labour conference look bad if it goes without controversy.

He explained: “As a party, are they going to confront this series of crises that are hitting the country one after the other.

“We’ve got the energy price hikes, we’ve got the fuel crisis, we’ve got the huge huge hits to people’s incomes, we’re about to see with the end of furlough.

“The Universal Credit cuts and the increases in national insurance contributions.

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“Now, the Conservatives should be talking about all of that, these are bread and butter issues, if they don’t address those issues and questions and don’t reverse course on some of those policies that will really hit ordinary families like the cut in Universal Credit.

“Then it’s just a distraction.

“If they’re just talking about culture war politics where they sort of want to embarrass the left, talking about identity and values.

“But don’t talk about what people are talking about themselves like can I fill up my petrol tank, then they will have been a complete distraction.

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“They will have wasted their time and they’re not running the country.”

The Conservative Party conference is being held in Manchester and will run between October 3-6.

The Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, will be giving a speech about LGBT rights at the event that is also in partnership with charity Stonewall.

However, a row has erupted after the LGB Alliance was granted a stall at the conference with ITV reporting the stand would be nearby to the LGBT+ Conservative’s table.

The LGB Alliance was denied access to the Labour Party conference as the group was considered “hostile” to the transgender community.

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The group argues there is a disagreement between lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights and trans rights.

The Government has come under pressure to fix the supply chain issues across the country as some shops are experiencing delivery shortages. 

Panic buying caused by a handful of BP garages closing down due to lack of fuel has made the issue worse across the country with the Government putting the army on standby to help out.

Temporary visas have also been granted to European workers to plug the seasonal worker gaps in the run-up to Christmas.

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