Joe Biden's Cabinet-in-waiting: Meet the people in play for a new administration, who could fill key roles like secretaries of state and defense, COVID czar, and chief of staff

  • With the 2020 election over, the countdown to Joe Biden's administration begins.
  • The coming weeks will be filled with a flurry of hiring by the Biden team and announcements of nominees for key roles like secretary of state, secretary of the treasury, and White House chief of staff.
  • Insider has compiled a comprehensive list of the people said to be under consideration by the Biden campaign — and possible appointees floated by Washington power players. (We'll update this article as Biden announces his nominees and appointments.)
  • Numerous nominees will require Senate confirmation, which could create hurdles for Biden if Republicans maintain Senate control.
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Time to start the countdown to the Biden administration.

It'll be a frenzy of activity all the way up to Inauguration Day, January 20, with prominent politicians and longtime policy wonks competing for work under the new Democratic president.

Joe Biden isn't starting from scratch. His transition team has been working behind the scenes for months crafting lists of names for top positions inside a potential Cabinet, his White House, and across the federal government.

Everything will become public soon enough, with the president-elect expected in the coming weeks to start announcing a series of nominations and appointments while working to fill more than 1,000 other key political jobs.

Of course Biden may not get all the people he wants installed in their positions. As long as Senate Republicans maintain their majority, they hold veto power that can tank any nomination they want. Even a 50-50 Senate with Democrats in command — thanks to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris' tie-breaking vote — doesn't guarantee that all Biden's picks get confirmed.

Amid all the competing power dynamics, Insider has collected the names of the current and former elected officials, ex-Democratic administration officials, policy experts, advocates, and academics reportedly in the mix to join Team Biden. Many of the people mentioned here have also been floated by outside groups looking to see a wider circle of people considered for jobs.

This list is compiled from Insider's original reporting as well as reporting by Politico, San Diego Union-Tribune, Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal. We will update it regularly as Biden announces his picks, and as more names come up for contention.

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Note that several people appear as contenders for more than one position, since reports have suggested that Biden would consider them for a variety of jobs.

Skye Gould, Yuqing Liu, and Shayanne Gal contributed to this story.

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