Jeffrey Epstein died by apparent suicide in jail. Here's everything we know about the convicted sex offender's past, famous connections, and his court case.

  • Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epsteindied by apparent suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center early Saturday morning.
  • Epstein was being heldwithout bail on federal charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy.
  • Epstein took a secretive, widely criticized plea deal in 2008 for charges including procuring a minor for prostitution. Many of his high-profile friends supported him after his 13 months in jail.
  • His other connections include former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who frequented a Manhattan building that housed young models, girlfriends, pilots, and other Epstein associates for years,a Business Insider investigation found.
  • From Epstein’s death, to his connections, to his finances, and to his legal battles, here’s what Business Insider has learned about the multimillionaire.
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Jeffrey Epsteindied by apparent suicide early Saturday morning at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. He facedfederal charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy.

Epstein flew former President Bill Clinton on his private plane, partied with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in the ’90s, and managed money for a high-profile billionaire.

Despite his tabloid-worthy exploits, the disgraced money manager kept much of his life under wraps. Here’s what we learned about his finances, network, and sex trafficking charges.


  • Jeffrey Epstein and Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband were coinvestors in an exclusive private-equity fund
  • Deutsche Bank reportedly flagged Epstein’s suspicious transactions to US financial watchdogs
  • Jeffrey Epstein claims he’s worth $559 million in court documents

High-profile connections

  • Jeffrey Epstein hired a college student for erotic massages. She also gave a massage to his billionaire friends, Glenn and Eva Dubin — though they say they don’t recall it.
  • The famous connections of Jeffrey Epstein, the elite wealth manager charged with sex trafficking young girls
  • Trump and Epstein’s friendship reportedly soured after they fought over a $41 million Palm Beach mansion. 2 weeks after the home’s auction, cops received a tip about underage women at Epstein’s house.
  • Inside the relationship between Victoria’s Secret head Les Wexner and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, from ‘close personal friends’ to severed ties
  • A billionaire hedge fund manager and his wife maintained social and charitable ties with Jeffrey Epstein, even after he went to jail for prostitution
  • Billionaire private-equity guru Leon Black is reaching out to Apollo investors about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein
  • Here are all the politicians Jeffrey Epstein, the money manager arrested on charges of sex trafficking, has donated to
  • New charges against Jeffrey Epstein highlight his reported past ties to the British royal family
  • From Bill Clinton to Naomi Campbell: Here are some of the famous people who have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane, which has been dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’


  • Inside the mysterious Manhattan apartment building on East 66th Street, where underage models, lawyers, and key players in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking circle all live. Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is a frequent visitor.
  • An inside look at Jeffrey Epstein’s 2 private islands in the Caribbean, which locals call ‘Orgy Island’ and where airport workers say they saw him traveling with underage girls
  • A Manhattan mansion, a ranch in New Mexico, a private jet, and a black stuffed poodle on a Steinway. Here’s a look at the assets of Jeffrey Epstein.
  • Why did Jeffrey Epstein build a temple on his private island?
  • If Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion hits the market, its value will likely have 2 driving forces against it: A slow luxury market, and its tainted history
  • Images show inside Jeffrey Epstein’s $12 million Palm Beach mansion where victims say they were paid for sex as minors

Legal battles

  • Jeffrey Epstein could face trial on sex-trafficking charges in June 2020, and his lawyers say there are more than 1 million pages of evidence
  • One of the earliest known accusations against Jeffrey Epstein was reported to Santa Monica police in 1997
  • Judge denies Jeffrey Epstein’s bail request, so the wealthy financier will have to wait in jail for his trial on sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy charges
  • How Jeffrey Epstein’s secret deal a decade ago could affect the sex-trafficking case against him now
  • In Epstein bail hearing, federal prosecutors claimed that a 1980s passport with Saudi connections had Epstein’s photo but a different name
  • James Comey’s daughter is a lead prosecutor on Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case. Here’s what we know about her.


  • Jeffrey Epstein reportedly told prominent scientists he wanted to impregnate 20 women at a time at his New Mexico ranch in order to ‘seed the human race with his DNA’
  • Flight data from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets show a lavish travel schedule as the walls closed in
  • Epstein, Trump Jr., and Anthony Weiner were all on a bizarre Page Six most eligible ‘studs’ list in 2003
  • Jeffrey Epstein was a featured ‘Bachelor of the Month’ seeking ‘a cute Texas girl’ in a 1980 issue of Cosmopolitan


  • Jeffrey Epstein reportedly hired private investigators to intimidate and silence accusers, witnesses, and prosecutors
  • At least a dozen more women have come forward accusing Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse
  • A timeline of sexual abuse cases brought against Jeffrey Epstein


  • What to know about British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam
  • How A Famous Harvard Professor Got Caught Up In A Financier’s Sex Abuse Scandal
  • L Brands CEO Les Wexner said he ‘regretted’ crossing paths with Jeffrey Epstein
  • A sexual misconduct allegation from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims sparked a quiet war between two of America’s most powerful lawyers. Now it’s about to blow up.
  • Ghislaine Maxwell abruptly torpedoed her oceanic non-profit in the wake of the scandal surrounding her associate Jeffrey Epstein

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