‘Extremist’ Green’ pact with Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP will ‘hurt’ party popularity

Nicola Sturgeon quizzed over 'trust' of Green Party

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Both SNP and Green party members have now voted in favour of the deal, which will see the Greens move from an opposition party to join the Scottish Government. Green party leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater will be handed ministerial roles in the new nationalist coalition next week. 

One will be responsible for green skills, the energy industry and the natural environment, while the other will look after decarbonising homes and transport and the rental sector.

But Alys Mumford, who stood for the Scottish Greens in the 2021 Holyrood elections for Lothian claimed members thought the coalition-style deal could hurt the party’s popularity.

However, the activist made clear the party could push through key policies including rent control and changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

Taking to Twitter responding to an article by journalist Dani Garavelli, she said: “My main perception from members though has not been about what the Greens will gain politically.

“Rather, most accept that it will be bad for our vote share, but that might be a sacrifice we are willing to make to get policy wins.”

Scottish Tory MSP Murdo Fraser told Express.co.uk of the comments: “This Green candidate has let the cat out the bag.

“Her party are happy to be in power purely to try and impose policies on people that simply didn’t vote for them only a few months ago.

“That shows a party with misguided priorities at a time when there should be a full focus on our recovery.

“Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater are always at pains to claim Green issues will be top of their agenda. 

“This candidate shows that those principles will readily be cast aside when they sit round the Ministerial table.”

Elsewhere, this publication has learnt that the Scottish Conservatives will vote against the two Green ministers joining the SNP-led Scottish Government when the appointments are made at the Scottish Parliament next week. 

Stephen Kerr MSP, the party’s chief whip, said: “We cannot accept the Greens’ ludicrous attempt to game the system by being in government and opposition at the same time. 

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“This nationalist deal is a coalition, according to the Greens’ own constitution. 

“It will see the Greens join the government and be bound by agreement to support the SNP in votes.

“The Greens cannot have their cake and eat it. The extremist Greens are not fit for office. 

“They’re a danger to Scotland’s economic recovery with their anti-jobs, anti-business ideological agenda.”

In response, a Scottish Greens spokesperson said: “I’m sure the irony of Murdo Fraser talking about principles won’t be lost on many.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that he was voting through Alex Salmond’s budgets, with nothing to show for it in return.

“The Scottish Green Party is democratic, our members have debated the draft agreement this week.”

The Scottish First Minister said the “historic agreement” would provide a strong platform for the “transformative programme we want to deliver.”

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