Boris Johnson told it is time to ditch ‘pernicious’ EU deal as Brexit job ‘far from done’

Brexit: Johnson now has ‘time on his side’ claims Habib

Brexiteer Ben Habib said the “clock as stopped” on Brexit negotiations meaning Boris Johnson now has “time on his side” to sort out the UK’s future relationship with the European Union. Mr Habib added that the Prime Minister’s job was “far from done” on Brexit and advised him to use this time to plan and prepare for the next round of talks with Brussels. The former Brexit Party MEP slammed parts of the UK-EU deal as “pernicious” and called on Mr Johnson to be “courageous”.

Speaking on Brexit Unlocked, Mr Habib said: “To be fair to Boris he picked up a poisoned chalice when he became Prime Minister, Theresa May was never intending to give us a proper Brexit.

“Boris has to pick up this terrible mess of Northern Ireland, the withdrawal agreement and everything else and try and sort it out  

“In a year he has done a hell of a lot better than I thought he would but the job is far from done 

“The Prime Minister now has time on his side, he has always been against the clock, he had to get us out by October 31 then he had to get us out by January 31, then he had the deadline of December 31 last year. 

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“Well the clock has stopped ticking and he can plan and prepare at his leisure.

“What he needs to do now is look at all the pernicious aspects of those agreements and he needs to prepare to unpick them

“Then he needs to execute it as a proud, courageous Prime Minister of the fifth largest economy in the world.”

While answering questions from viewers, Mr Habib also outlined what he believed is the Brexit fishing to be one aspect Mr Johnson had to tackle.

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A question from a viewer read: “Ben, what can the Government do now to fix this terrible Fisheries Agreement?

“As we’re now sovereign can we simply walk away?”

Mr Habib replied by insisting Britain did not have full control over its waters and would struggle to obtain it in future.

He said: “The fisheries agreement does not give us control of the waters.

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“What the Government has done is sign us up to a five year transition period during which time we get incremental increases in the amount of fish we can catch in our own waters.

“They say 25 percent, though it is hard to define it and then after that, we apparently have the ability to reset quotas, but that is wrong.”

He added: “The reality is that we can only reduce the EU’s quota after 2026 if we have their agreement and we will never get it.

“Or if we are prepared to risk them terminating the trade arrangement, aviation arrangements and haulage arrangements in the trading agreement.”

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