Believe us yet? EU Army panic as bloc buys 2500 guns – possible English Channel deployment

EU: Frontex unveil Border and Coast Guard Agency unifrom

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Officials are looking to equip Frontex’s “Standing Corps” with 2,500 semi-automatic pistols and more than three million rounds of ammunition to patrol the bloc’s external frontiers. The new troops could even be deployed in the English Channel to help tackle people smuggling between the UK and France. But critics have branded the move a “menacing development” in the shift towards a full-blown EU superstate.

As well as guns, the force is equipped with naval patrol vessels, helicopters and drones.

Officials documents, seen by, reveal plans for a £4.2 million spending spree to further bolster Frontex’s armed force.

The EU border and coast guard will buy up 2,500 “compact 9 x 19 mm semi-automatic pistols”, three million “full metal jacket” rounds and a further 630,000 “deformation” rounds.

It also spent a further £1.7 million on high-tech drones in its effort to stop migrant boats landing in Europe.

The flying machines are equipped with high definition and thermal imaging cameras, as well as spotlights. reveals the Frontex spending plans after the EU agency was slated by the bloc’s official auditors.

A spokesman for the agency said: “The weapons are for the new Frontex officers who are part of the standing corps. They will be used for self-defence and defence of others.

“Frontex is a law enforcement agency and its officers in operations require weapons. Like any other border guard or police force.”

The border force can not effectively fight illegal immigration and is struggling to cope with its duties, according to the European Court of Auditors.

Frontex was handed an enhanced role in policing the bloc’s borders after the 2015 migration crisis.

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But a report into the agency has found that it’s become overstretched.

It has almost 10,000 officers and its budget will increase to around £774 million by 2027, up from just £16.3 million some 15 years ago.

In 2016, its duties were expanded to include fighting illegal migration and cross-border crime.

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Frontex wants more power to deal with migrant crisis

But the report’s authors said Frontex was “biting off more than it could chew”.

Leo Brincat added: “This is especially worrying at a time when Frontex is being given added responsibilities.

“We are not saying ‘scrap Frontex’ but definitely Frontex is often its own worst enemy.”

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