Hannity warns Iran, 'You will lose,' calling for 'next generation of weaponry'

Hannity: If Trump acts on Iran it will be over quickly and Iran will lose

U.S. deploying 500 troops to Saudi Arabia amid increasing tensions with Iran.

Fox News' Sean Hannity spoke directly to the Iranian mullahs on Friday, warning them that President Trump's action will be swift and devastating if they continue to goad the United States.

"You keep pushing this button, and I can promise you the president is never going to engage in a boots-on-the-ground, long, protracted conflict. No. He is going to act and it's going to be over quickly," Hannity warned on his television program.


"You will lose."

Iran seized a British-flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday and briefly detained a second, heightening tensions between Tehran and the West.

Trump said Friday that Iran is "nothing but trouble."

Hannity, in his monologue, offered his view that the safety of the free world is at stake.

"The mullahs of Iran have stated clearly numerous times, numerous occasions, they want to wipe the United States of America off the face of the map. They want to wipe Israel off the face of the map," Hannity said.

The Fox News host made it clear he didn't want war with Iran.

"I want to be very, very clear: I am not calling for war. I am not calling for one American boot on the ground in Iran. Frankly, I think that would be a really dumb idea. America doesn't want or need another … bloody war," Hannity said.


Hannity also called for the "next generation of weaponry" to stop regimes like Iran's.

"We've gotta learn from our mistakes. Politicians could no longer be trusted to win wars. That's why I have been saying for quite a bit of time now that America must be forward-thinking; we must build the next generation of weaponry, both offensive and defensive," Hannity said.

"So that means we can easily, when necessary, counter hostile regimes. And in this case, that would be the Iran mullahs' ambitions for nuclear weapons."

Fox News' Greg Norman contributed to this report. 

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